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The Best Ways to Explore the UK on Vacation

The Best Ways to Explore the UK on Vacation

The United Kingdom should be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list, with there being much more to the country than simply London and fish and chips. To make sure that you see everything that the UK has to offer to travelers, follow these top tips to find the best places to go and the best things to do all year round.

Take a TV Show Location Tour

The UK has featured in many television shows over the decades, and many travelers are encouraged to visit the country due to the charm of popular programs such as Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders. To see the UK that has been captured on the silver screen, you should consider booking a TV show location tour with Silverscreen Tours. Not only will this make you feel like you have been transported into your favorite program, but this will also allow you to explore many remote parts of the UK that you may not have the chance to visit without a guided tour.

Choose a Starting City

The UK has lots to offer to travelers, and it can be challenging to decide which attractions to visit first. To make sure that you get the most out of your trip and that you do not spend all of your time traveling between cities, you should choose a base camp city for your trip. Most locations in the UK are only a short drive away at any one time. By choosing a hub for your vacation, you will be able to visit a large amount of the surrounding locations while cutting down on cost and time restrictions.

Branch Out of London

The majority of the 40.9 million tourists that visit the UK annually head to London, which is the home of many of the significant historical and contemporary attractions. These include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the West End. While the sights and sounds of London may be unbeatable, the rest of the UK is full of treasures to explore. For instance, cities such as Oxford make an excellent alternative for those seeking historical features, while beach towns such as Brighton and Torquay make popular and vibrant destinations for seaside trips. Click here to find out more statistics about tourism across the United Kingdom.

Get into Nature

Although you might think of London when you think of the UK, much of the UK is covered in beautiful natural landscapes which are the pride of the nation. Once you have tired of the big cities, you should consider heading into nature by visiting the Lake District or the Yorkshire Moors, both of which National Parks have literary connections. The UK also has many beautiful coastal regions that can make you feel like you are somewhere much more exotic, such as the Jurassic Coast.

Head to an Event or Festival

While the UK is a great place to visit all year round, some times are better than others because, at certain times of the year, the UK is flooded with famous festivals and events that are simply unmissable. Click here to find out more about the best months to visit the UK. From the Edinburgh Fringe in August, which showcases the best of UK theatre, to Glastonbury in June, if you plan your trip wisely, you will be able to catch some of the UK’s premier entertainment.

Combine Must-See Attractions with Obscure Experiences

Not many people decide to travel to the UK without an itinerary in mind for some of the largest and most well-known attractions. Although it is worthwhile to visit bucket-list features such as Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle, you should also try to combine these attractions with some of the more obscure experiences. For instance, why not travel to Stratford Upon Avon to see the home of Shakespeare or head on a Llama trek in the Lake District?

Swap Paid Activities for Free Alternatives

Although some of the most significant attractions in the UK, such as theme parks and zoos, may have extortionate fees attached to them, if you want to see the true United Kingdom, there are many free alternatives to this. Find out more about free things to do in the UK here. For instance, many of the museums in the UK work on a donation basis, such as the British Museum and the V and A, which can both give you an insight into the history of the country. At the same time, there are also many popular gardens and parks for you to enjoy.

Utilize Public Transport

The UK has an excellent public transport system which can transport you between many of the major cities and the most popular tourist destinations. This is made up of trains, buses, and even trams. If you are planning to take the train around the UK, you can make use of the extensive rail system by purchasing a BritRail pass before you travel, which can help you to save on the cost of your ticket.

Go on a Road Trip

Road trips are often associated with the USA. However, there are just as many opportunities for fantastic road trips in the UK. Road trips can help you to see as much of the country as possible, while also enabling you to go off the beaten path to see sights that you have not previously had the opportunity to. Follow this link to find out more about the best road trips, which include traveling through the Cotswolds, traveling down the Atlantic Highway, and going along the Dragon’s Spine in Wales.

Find Traditional Experiences

To get the most out of your trip to the UK, no visit is complete without experiencing some of the most traditional experiences. These include eating dishes like fish and chips and an English breakfast, to going to a village pub. They may be cliché, but these experiences have become famed worldwide for a reason.

Venture Beyond England

When heading to the UK, some travelers tend to vacation only in England itself, rather than branching out into the other three nations: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. However, each country has a unique set of experiences to give to its tourists, from the thrills of Snowdonia National Park in Wales to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. By visiting these, you will be able to get a full picture of this magnificent island nation.

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