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Why people prefer Online Slots over Blackjack

Head to any online casino and you’ll find a multitude of games to play. There is almost too much choice, but a safe bet (not that there ever really is one in gambling terms!) are the slots. They are fun, exciting, yet easy to play. Most people start and end with the slots because that’s all they need and what they’re happy with. 

Blackjack is another hugely popular online casino game that many people love. There is an air of excitement about this too, but you can throw in some glamour and pizzazz as well… Yet slots spins usually do come out on top when you compare the two. Here are some of the reasons why. 

Themed Games

Online slots will always have a theme, even if that theme is to be a traditional fruit machine like you would have found in pubs up and down the land (and perhaps still do). There are themes about pirates and horse riding and clowns and rock ‘n’ roll music and golf and guitars and dogs and pretty much anything you can think of you’ll find a themed slot game about. 

Blackjack doesn’t come in themes. It is what it is; a fun game that is played the same way with the same setting no matter where you go. Some love that consistency, but some prefer the choice given by the slots. 


Online slots have a fairly good RTP (return to player – that is, the percentage chance of you winning your money back) at about 97 percent, give or take. Blackjack has an RTP of 94 percent. This may not seem like much when it comes to actual numbers, but in terms of winning, it’s a huge gap and online slots definitely come out on top. 

As well as having more chance of winning at online slots than blackjack, the prizes for slots are bigger too – they sometimes go into the millions. This is especially true if you look at the progressive slots that build up over time and payout randomly to one lucky winner whose life can change overnight. This is a tempting offer, even if the chances of being the winner are remote. It’s enough to tempt people away from blackjack and into the world of slots, that’s for sure. 

New Technology

Neither slots nor blackjack have changed much over the years in terms of the game itself and how you play. The rules are set for each. However, whereas blackjack has tended to stay in the past, looking and feeling as it ever did (which isn’t a bad thing, but is something that not everyone is looking for), online slots have jumped way into the future. 

Online slot developers are always looking for ways to make their games more interesting and enticing, and utilising new technology is exactly the way to do that. From virtual reality to mobile gaming, there is seemingly nothing online slots can’t do, so it makes sense that people are going to be drawn to the impressive look and feel of the slots.

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