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Why A Visit To Byron Bay In Winter Is An Excellent Idea

When most people decide to go on holiday, they will usually choose to go away in the summer holidays, especially if they have children. However, there is a lot to be said for deciding to go away in the winter months, and if you need a holiday, you may wish to consider visiting Byron Bay during the winter months.

Below are some of the excellent reasons to visit Byron Bay this winter that may help you to decide to holiday in the winter, rather than the summer.

Enjoy The Nature

The winter months are an excellent time to enjoy the beautiful nature that is on offer in Byron Bay and the surrounding areas. One of the most popular activities for visitors during this time of year is whale watching, and you can enjoy a tour on a boat, or you can get up close and personal and kayak with these majestic animals. You will be able to see humpback whales in their natural environment as well as a host of other aquatic marine life.

Bargain Accommodation

Whether you stay in a Byron Bay accommodation Shirley Street can offer, a 5-star luxury hotel, or a cheap guesthouse, as this time of year has fewer tourists, there are usually some bargains to be had when it comes to accommodation. With a little bit of searching, you can find some excellent deals, no matter what level of luxury or how big or small your desired budget is. Shop around and be flexible with your dates, and you may be able to grab yourself an unbelievable bargain.

Not As Many Tourists

One of the biggest attractions to visiting Byron Bay during the winter months is that there are few tourists as a whole. As things are less busy at this time of year, there is a much more relaxed atmosphere, and tourist attractions will have fewer people, as well as restaurants and hotels. You may even be able to go for a walk and find a completely deserted beach that will make you feel that you are alone and isolated, sometimes the perfect answer to our busy and hectic lifestyles.

There Is Still Plenty To Do

Even though the winter months are considered to be the low season, there is still plenty happening during this time in Byron Bay. You can visit the local farmers market which is held every Thursday, or you may wish to enjoy a visit to the arts and crafts market which is held on the first Sunday of each month. There are also many festivals held in Byron Bay throughout the year. The Winter Festival held in August is a trendy one to attend.

A Unique Perspective Of Byron Bay

With the winter months being colder, it is ideal for taking a trip in a hot air balloon, which can give you a unique bird’s eye perspective of Byron Bay and the surrounding areas. The cost of this excursion can be expensive, depending on your budget, but for the memories and photos that you can gain, it is an adventure that is worth investing in when you visit Byron Bay.

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