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What Your Day Moisturizer Should Have in It?

Primarily, moisturizers offer genuine relief to people suffering from dry skin and soreness. Nevertheless, before you buy a moisturizer, it is essential to go through the list of ingredients it has. Always see to it that a product is mostly made up of organic compounds. Notably, organic ingredients do not cause any severe side effects. Moreover, you should also check whether the moisturizing day cream is sensitive to your skin or not.

Moisturizing ingredients as per skin type

Mature skin

During old age, oil-secreting glands do not work properly. For this reason, you might have to deal with intense dryness. To get genuine relief from such conditions, use a moisturizing cream with petrolatum as a base. Petrolatum offers relief from flaky, scaly skin along with wrinkles.

Dry skin

You need to buy a moisturizing day cream that has ingredients like Dimethicone and hyaluronic acid. Both of these compounds provide a heavy moisturizing effect and protect skin from getting inflamed. Furthermore, proteins, mineral oil, petroleum, glycerin, and propylene glycol allows the moisture to stay on your skin.

Sensitive skin

Always buy a moisturizing cream that does not have any fragrance. It would be wise to check whether the cream has any hypoallergenic properties or not. More importantly, consult a doctor and do check the ingredients present in the product. Though most of the products contain organic ingredients, there is a possibility that you are allergic to some.

Most important ingredients in a moisturizing cream


Antioxidants help the skin to cope with sunburn and intense dryness. If timely medication is not taken, then skin might even become permanently dry. This will ultimately lead to the onset of severe complications in the body. There are dozens of antioxidants that you can found in a moisturizing cream. However, you should give more importance to grape and green tea extract, vitamin E and C, epigallocatechin-3 gallate, etc.


These ingredients offer genuine lubrication, skin softening, and protection. Thus, your skin will become smooth and get a radiant complexion. Along with emollients, you should also see whether the cream contains essential oils or not. Some of the best essential oils in a moisturizing cream are borage, coconut, tea tree, primrose, etc.


Improper protection from sun rays leads to irritation, dryness, and even skin cancer. Consequently, a moisturizing day cream should contain SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen. Broad-spectrum sunscreen allows the skin to hold onto the moisture even when it gets under direct sun rays.

Hydroxyl acids

Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids are considered as the main ingredient of a moisturizing cream. For instance, you can also use these moisturizing creams to get a genuine cure for acne. Hydroxy acids are known to regulate the over secretion of sebum, which allows bacteria to thrive.

Skin-replenishing ingredients

As the name suggests, skin-replenishing ingredients offer proper enrichment to the skin’s surface. Further, skin-replenishing agents offer proper hydration and maintain collagen production. Thus, your skin will feel supple and youthful. Some of the skin-replenishing agents are sodium PCA, silicones, ceramides, petrolatum, glycerol, and hyaluronic acid.


To conclude, moisturizers are primarily made to hydrate dry skin and offer relief from soreness. However, you can buy them as per the personal skin conditions. Antioxidants are the most important ingredients of moisturizing cream. These compounds are capable of regulating free radicals. Therefore you will get total relief from allergies and soreness. Secondly, do buy moisturizers that have emollients; these compounds help to retain moisture and lubrication. Besides, it is essential to buy moisturizers that have an SPF rating higher than 30. Finally, you should also check if the moisturizing cream contains skin-replenishing ingredients or not. With the help of skin-replenishing compounds, you will get radiant and youthful skin.

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