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What to Arrange Before You Travel: A Checklist

The days before a trip of a lifetime can be incredibly chaotic, with a multitude of different aspects of your journey to sort out, from your packing to your flight  on a chartered private jet with companies like www.jettly.com, and accommodation arrangements. However, your focus on the bigger elements of the trip can make you forget to check all of the smaller aspects of your holiday, which are no less crucial to your getaway’s success. To ensure that you have everything you need for your holiday to be successful, here is a complete guide of the elements that you should establish before you leave home.

1. Airport Parking

Airport parking can make your trip run smoothly by ensuring that you have a safe space to leave your car for the duration of your travels. This will enable you to travel to the airport in your own vehicle rather than rely on public transport, whose journeys may not always directly correspond with your flight times. If you are looking for JAX international airport parking, for example, you should arrange for your car to be left at the airport before you leave to secure your vehicle a definite spot in the parking area.

2. A Pet or Home Sitter

The safety of both your home and your pets is paramount before you go on a holiday, and so you should secure the services of a pet or home sitter before you even book your travel dates. Home sitters can prevent criminals from targeting your home and reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and break-ins, as well as help to upkeep your property for your return. In addition to this, if your pet becomes stressed in a kennel environment, you might consider hiring a pet sitter to allow them to stay in the comfort of their own home in your absence.

3. Your Travel Documents

You will not get very far in your travels without the correct travel documents, and you must check the official papers that you will need before you set off on your journey. You can check the requirements of the country that you are visiting by looking at the government travel website, which details the passport and visa specifications of each country. It is also important to consider travel insurance and vaccinations, as these can keep you safe while you are abroad, while insurance will also allow you to get the medical treatment that you need.

Types of Travel Visas:

Most common visas which Tourist apply are

Tourist Visa/ Visitor Visa: Used mainly for tourism purpose

Schengen Visa: Used mainly for visiting Europe and it allows tourists to visit 26 Schengen countries

Business Visa: Used mainly for business purposes

Depending on the visa rules of the destination country, eligibility criteria, travelers choose to apply for a Tourist visa/Schengen Visa/ Business Visa and wait for the visa approval. It is very critical to do this process carefully with right documents, otherwise can lead to visa rejection & jeopardize all your travel plans. The best and easiest way to apply for a travel visa is to use the services of reputed/trustworthy companies like VisaBookings and get all the required visa documents such as Flight Itinerary, Hotel Bookings, Travel medical insurance, No objection certificate, cover letter, invitation letter and others. After you get all the required documents, download and complete visa application form, book an appointment with the Consulate/Embassy, pay the visa fee and attend the visa interview with no worries. Once you get the travel visa you can start your vacation.

4. Currency Exchange

Although it is possible to exchange your pounds or any currency in the world while you re abroad, some of the worst rates available will be offered to you at airports. You should also be aware of scams while you are abroad, with many criminals targeting tourists by giving them false exchange rates for their money. Instead, you should visit your local post office to get the best exchange rates that are available to you.

5. A Travel Credit Card

Lastly, to avoid getting stranded in another country without any money to your name, you should consider buying a travel credit card, which can help you to pay for services while you are abroad safely and beneficially. For instance, travel credit cards can be the best option financially as they do not charge you the extortionate fees of many banks when you purchase something in another country.

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