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Visiting NYC? Never do these things when you visit Manhattan!

New York is known as many different things. From the Big Apple and the city that never sleeps to the Empire City and the city so nice, they named it twice. But did you know that New York is also known as the biggest tourist hotspot in the world? It’s true! In 2018 a staggering 65.2 million visitors were recorded to have visited this sprawling metropolis, with many visitors returning after previous years.

Manhattan is one of the most popular boroughs of NYC, after all, it’s referred to as the Heart of the city. It’s also the cultural hub of all things social, financial and commercial, meaning you’ll find world-famous skyscrapers, the glittering lights of Broadway and the neon glow of Times Square all mixed together in one unforgettable experience. Whether you’re heading to Manhattan for a show, to hit the stores or just try the incredible food, there are some things all visitors should avoid!

Want to know more? Discover what you should never do when you visit Manhattan!

Walking around with your head in the clouds

There’s a lot to take in, but you’re in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, so you need to be on your toes and vigilant. Uneven paving slabs, potholes, aggressively driving cabs, low kerbs, tripping hazards – click the link if you need a Manhattan personal injury lawyer – if you want to avoid spending your time in a local hospital then make sure you’re paying attention. Not just to the sights and sounds of the city but for all its hazards!

Only eat pizza and pretzels

Some say that New York runs on a hearty diet of cheese pizza, bagels, pretzels and hot coffee. And while it’s great to experience an authentic NYC snack, it would be a shame to miss out on all the other foodstuffs that the city has to offer. Head to Chinatown and experience authentic hand-pulled noodles and delicious dim sum. Check out the vegan scene. Enjoy a Cronut, or indulge in classic pastrami on rye.

Only bringing card

Contactless payments make everything quick and easy, but if you fail to bring cash to NYC then you might miss out. Many smaller restaurants, cafes and shops only take cash. Not being able to pay for your meal or items is incredibly embarrassing. Always keep at least $30 in cash on you.

Putting style over comfort

NYC is a huge city, and it’s best discovered on foot. However, when it comes to footwear if you choose style over comfort you’re going to find your visit incredibly uncomfortable. Be smart and bring a good pair of shoes.

Final thoughts…

Have you ever wanted to visit NYC? What would you like to see first?

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