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Visiting Emerald in Queensland? All That You Can Do On A Short Trip

Travelling does have its own perks as it allows you to explore new places and meet different people. And there is nothing that brings in more happiness than a sudden long weekend or a journey finally materializing after the longest while of planning.

Once you get to be away from your work, there are tons of things that you may feel like doing while vacationing. Whether you are holidaying on the beachside in the Pacific, or are up in the Swiss Alps, you would know that it is never possible to cover all activities. And that is why we bring you the topmost things to do in Emerald if you happen to be visiting Queensland. We promise that these locales will give you lots of opportunities to have fun. 

Minerva Hills National Park

This one is an amazing national park located near Emerald in the Central Highland Area. This is a one day trip which will get you to see stunning peaks. Notably, these peaks were formed due to volcanic activity years ago. Apart from that, there are also numerous nature trails that you can take to explore all the natural beauty of the area. Home to a wide variety of flora, you would be surprised to see different species of plants that you may not come across commonly. Also, you check out the unique rock art belonging to the Karai people which has been preserved excellently.

Since camping is not something that you would be allowed to do, an excellent option would be staying close by in Emerald. According to the people at Emerald Inn, it would be actually the perfect base for your trip to the Central Highlands Area. So, do not forget to plan your stay accordingly as you now know that living the night in the national park would not be allowed.

The Sapphire Gem Fields

The Botanic Gardens

If you feel like the mercury is getting too much to handle and you would like to find yourself in some cool shades, a desert-like oasis also awaits you. Emerald’s Botanic Gardens are sprawled over an area of just 42 hectares and may seem minuscule against the massiveness of the gem fields. But we can tell you that it is the perfect place to relax by the riverside of the Nogoa River.

Also, if you are a plant enthusiast, you will also get to know about the various plant species which grow in the gardens. The gardens are free to enter and in case if you are going with friends, you can also make use of the BBQ facilities available there.

The Last Word

Someone has rightly said that happiness is a way of travel and not a destination. Keeping that in mind, we wish you all the best in exploring the Emerald area in Queensland to your heart’s delight. Bon Voyage!

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