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Traveling to Las Vegas this summer? Here’s your bucket list of Adventures!

Ahh, Vegas! There is something about the world’s entertainment capital that keeps it on the top of everyone’s bucket list. Some people even say that “Sin City” looks exactly like they imagined heaven at night. And can you blame them? From casinos to mouth-watering cuisines and from unique cocktails to adventurous hiking trails, Vegas has everything to offer its tourists.

The year 2020 indeed gave a reality check that one should live life to the fullest whilst one can. And that’s undoubtedly great advice. Now that Las Vegas is all set to open its arms for tourists by June 1, it’s time to live your travel dreams (with precautions, of course!)

Woah! This means that you’ll be able to enjoy all the casinos, restaurants, bars, and hiking trails this summer. That’s so cool! But do you have your Las Vegas Bucket List ready? If not, then here are some super-cool things to do after stepping your foot in Vegas. Ready to roll?

See a show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a center of attraction for divas, acrobats, showgirls, actors, magicians, pranksters, and puppet masters. And if you are a fan of any of those stage artists, you have an opportunity to enjoy their show right in Vegas. The city is so rich in talent and art that you won’t be able to catch all the shows on your short trip. Yes! That’s the beauty of Vegas. The shows will leave you mesmerized, especially to those who don’t want to spend their entire trip drinking or gambling.

For instance, you can book tickets to Absinthe at Caesars Palace, one of the highest-rated shows in Vegas, and enjoy the ultimate adult evening. The soothing blend of comedy, acrobats, traditional circus, and cabaret can portray the entertainment capital at its finest.

Brought to you by some of the world’s best production companies, the shows and performances will be so entertaining that you won’t be able to get enough of them. From comedy to music and magic, Vegas indeed has it all. For this, you need to visit the spectacular and awe-spiring collection of diverse Las Vegas Shows and live to tell the tale of a unique and bewitching experience.

Check out the all-new Resorts World

After casinos, sin city is famous for its glamorous resorts and hotels. And let’s be honest, there is nothing more overwhelming than taking a tour to a crazy new hotel to feel “normal.” According to official announcements, Resorts World is all set to inaugurate on June 24. The hotel has 3500 rooms, and the best part is that the suites are in partnership with the renowned Hilton. Woah!

The specialty of this particular hotel is that it is located on the Strip, is well-built, and is already a huge player in the industry. The officials confirm that the hotel’s theater will host some of the world-renowned celebrities, including Katy Perry and Carry Underwood.

So, while on your trip to the world’s entertainment capital, grab the tickets to Tiesto and Zedd, who are going to perform at the hotel’s Zouk Nightclub and AYU Dayclub. Cool. Right?

And after visiting the hotel, take some time to drink a few craft cocktails at Gatsby’s and grab food at Brezza. It is a famous Italian restaurant that features the renowned chef Nicole Brisson. It is hard to imagine that you can have so much fun in a single building. But it’s Vegas, and everything can be true here.

Feel the rush of ultimate trails

People who love to go on hiking trails and expeditions have always praised the trails of Las Vegas that left them awestruck. One of which is White Domes, situated in the Valley of Fire State Park. The trail starts out with sand and quickly descends to stone stairs. You’ll also find rolling stone hills and huge rock fins along your trek. Apart from this, the setting has been repeatedly used in different TV shows, ads, and movies. That’s incredibly cool! Right?

You’ll not only be experiencing the beauty of the trails and deserts in Las Vegas but also will be exploring the unique features of Mother Nature. According to the professionals at

ATV Rental Las Vegas, the brilliance of such trails and desert dunes is that it beholds beautiful and fascinating wildlife. So, make sure that you have the proper gear with you all the time. For a comfortable yet exhilarating experience, try to rent an appropriate vehicle for the journey.

Take a cruise or an ATV tour by the Hoover Dam

Lake Mead and Hoover Dam have been a center of tourist attraction for many years. The best way to enjoy the spectacular Lake Mead is to rent an ATV and go for a fun-filled tour. Enjoy those off-beat paths and experience the best of the west with an exhilarating ATV ride. If you want your adrenaline to rush like never before, this is your best bid.

Also, there is another way to witness that giant hunk of concrete for. Yes, you guessed that right! It’s the Hoover Dam Sightseeing Cruise that we are talking about. The 90 minute gets ready to depart from the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The breathtaking experience is all that people talk about for days. The best part of being on this ship is that unlimited food and booze are served right there on the deck. So, get on the deck and just start snapping.

Take a sip of low-intervention wine

Shoutout to all the wine lovers; here’s what you were waiting for. Wine lovers have always debated the fact that normal wines are generally full of additives.

But low-intervention wines are all about natural or biodynamic ones that are a treat for the taste buds and healthy for the body. According to locals, Garagiste Wine Room is the best source for such wines. You just need to look for those white stickers on the bottles, and Voila! You have your own organic wine bottle.

Final Words

Traveling to Vegas has always been all about gambling, fun, and entertainment. But this bucket list of adventures clearly proves that there is much more to Vegas than we gave it credit for. So, pack your bags and say hello to the fun capital of the world.

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