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Top 4 Signs of a bad criminal defence lawyer

The only time you ever need a criminal defence lawyer is when you’re facing criminal charges, you’re frightened about the future and you’re desperate to get your side of events heard. It’s a stressful time, so when you’re looking to hire a criminal defence lawyer, it’s imperative that they help your case and not hinder it. 

Sadly, there are instances where clients become unhappy with their defence lawyers’ performance. The following points below are signs of a bad criminal defence lawyer, if you’re experiencing any of these then it may be time to find a new one – if you’re looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer In Pasadena then click the link. 

Read on for the top 4 signs of a bad criminal defence lawyer.

There is no communication

A good lawyer should be able to pride themselves on their ability to communicate with their clients. Whether that’s making you feel at ease, keeping you up to date with the case and how it’s going or discussing aspects of the case with you in a manner you understand. Your lawyer should be available to answer any of your questions regarding your case, and if they’re not available straight away then their legal team should be able to arrange a meeting or a time so you can talk. This should also be communicated well. If your lawyer doesn’t answer your calls, reply to your emails or simply doesn’t make any effort to make contact, then you should consider hiring someone else. 

Having a strong relationship with your lawyer is vital for any case.

No respect 

The world of law is large and complex, which is why you may find that your lawyer already has connections with other lawyers, attorneys and possibly even people at the court. A lawyer who is reputable will have many positive connections in the legal world. However if you begin to notice a lack of respect from their colleagues or peers then alarm bells should start to ring. If your lawyer isn’t respected enough to be taken seriously, then how will they possibly represent you well in court

A lack of empathy

Fighting a criminal legal case is one of the most stressful experiences we can put ourselves through. So, your lawyer should be sympathetic of that. They should recognise and understand that your future and perhaps even the lives of your family are riding on the outcome of your case. If your lawyer seems disinterested, or simply doesn’t empathise with your plight then you have the wrong lawyer. Remember, a lawyers role is to represent you in court and convince a jury of your innocence – if they couldn’t case less about your circumstances, how could they represent you positively? 

A confusing billing system

When it comes to paying the fees your lawyer has set out, you should expect a clear and straightforward billing process that reflects the payment structure you discussed in your initial consultation. If your lawyer is sneaking in additional charges, overbilling or the bill is littered with general vagueness then it should be questioned immediately. 

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