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Tips to make your travels that little bit easier 

It’s no surprise that so many of us catch the travel bug. With the globe becoming ever-more connected, it’s never been easier to immerse yourself in foreign cultures, take in other-worldly sights, and create unforgettable memories. But it’s not always plain sailing.

From cancellations to accidents, even the savviest of travellers will face setbacks. Thankfully there are lots of tips and tricks you can adopt to make your journey that bit more manageable.

Get a portable charger

Deloitte reports that 89% of UK adults aged 16-75 own a smartphone. They’re great for passing time on your travels, but essential for communication, navigation, and payment too. Using a portable charger will save you getting caught out in-between charging points.

Look for one with multiple USB ports if you also carry a camera, laptop, or other electronic device.

Learn basic language

While becoming fluent in another language can take years of studying, taking a few minutes to learn the basics will make it much easier to get around. Practice your manners as well as key phrases you might see on signs – like restaurant, toilet, and bus station.

Locals may be more receptive to your cause if they can see you’re making an effort to speak on their terms.

Book in advance

Many travellers preach the importance of spontaneity – but sometimes planning is essential to help things go smoothly. If there’s a connection you simply have to make or an excursion you can’t miss out on, can you book in advance to give yourself peace of mind?

Some advance tickets can save you time and money, too. Carnet tickets, for example, are ideal if you know you’ll make the same journey regularly.

Pack a refillable bottle

Hydration is essential to your health – but when you’re out and about it’s not always as easy as popping to the shop or filling up from your nearest tap. Pack a quality refillable bottle to make sure you’re never caught high and dry.

Many refillable bottles also act as insulators and are perfect for keeping your drink chilled on a warm day.

Buy an eye mask and ear buds

You’re not yourself when your tired. Sometimes sleep is hard to come by when you’re on the road, so investing in a comfortable eye mask and ear buds will help you get some rest when you can.

While basic ear buds will still do the job, consider spending a little extra on a pair that will mould to your ears.

Do you have your own travel hacks? Let me know in the comments below.

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