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Tips for Traveling to Canada for the First Time

With a vast number of tourism attractions, Canada is a North-American country and one of the world’s top-ranked developed countries. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area.

Tourism is the largest source of foreign exchange reserves and revenue in Canada. According to an estimate, Canada generates approximately $18 from the tourism industry every year.

The world’s largest waterfalls, i.e., Niagara Falls, are also owned by Canada. Canada is famous throughout the world for its beautiful tourist attractions. 

Tourists from every corner of the world travel to Canada to visit these beautiful tourist attractions, including Niagara Falls. The tourism industry generates millions of job posts every year in Canada.

The Canadian Government offers highly luxurious facilities to tourists. Some world-famous places in Canada, which are worth visiting, include:

  • The CN Tower
  • Moraine Lake
  • Jasper National Park of Canada
  • Lake Louise 
  • Niagara Falls
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Toronto Islands

Visiting these beautiful places is a fantastic idea, but don’t forget to get your eTA Canada first.

eTA Canada (eVisa)

eTA Canada is compulsory if you want to travel to Canada to visit the fabulous tourist attractions. eTA Canada is an electronic type of visa to Canada which you can obtain through an online application.

You don’t need to visit the embassy to get your eTA to Canada, simply go to https://etacanadaonline.com to get your visa quickly from home! Getting your eTA is much more straightforward and less expensive in comparison with handling a traditional visa.

 You can get your eTA Canada in just 2-3 business days at your e-mail address in PDF form.

Canada offers three types of eTA Canada for tourism, business, and transit. All types serve as a multiple-entry visa that stays valid for the whole 5 years. Each visit with eTA can be as long as 6 months!

Use your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet to complete the application process within a few minutes from home or on a break at work!

Note: You must have your eTA to get entry into Canada.

3 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Once you have your eTA, you can travel to Canada without any worry. For developing your interest in travelling to Canada, we have summarized a list of the top 3 best places to visit in Canada. So, when you travel to Canada, try visiting these places first:

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most famous tourist attraction in Canada. It is beautiful, majestic and drawing sightseers. Watching the great walls of water pounding over the falls is a fabulous sight to the eyes.

According to an estimate, 40% of the tourists travel to Canada to see Niagara Falls only. You will get a carnival-style atmosphere here throughout the year. The Niagara Falls city is located at a very short drive from Toronto, so you can easily travel to it after landing in Toronto.

2. Vancouver

Vancouver is a world-famous city in Canada due to its pleasant climate, beauty, and fun atmosphere. 25% of tourist attractions in Canada are located in Vancouver.

You can visit the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Snow-capped mountains, and many natural parks here. Stanley Park and Granville Island are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver.

3. Banff


Banff is a mountain town and host of the beautiful Banff National Park. This Park is a must-visit tourist attraction in Canada. You will get a chance to explore the Rocky Mountains here with the most splendid scenery in Canada.

Canada’s top two ski resorts are located at a short distance from Banff. These two resorts include Lake Louse Ski Resort and Sunshine Village Ski Resort. You can experience the glorious sights of the glacier-capped mountains and Lake Louse in the summer in Banff.

Final words

Canada has very high tourism potential. There are numerous tourist attractions present in Canada, including Stanley Park and Niagara Falls.

eTA Canada is mandatory if you want to travel to Canada for tourism. Obtain your eTA in just 2-3 days while being at home and try the best Canadian foods while visiting the must-see places!

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