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The Logistics of Different Types of Moves

The Logistics of Different Types of Moves

Moving office furniture and computers is a big enough task to leave to the professionals. If you have a warehouse, farming equipment or other large machinery, moving them requires special equipment designed to support heavy object.

Wherever there is construction, you’ll find large machines for lifting, erecting, and assembly. The forklift is a common machine used for moving large machines. The hydraulics do the work to move tons of metal from one location to another, some capable of handling up to ten thousand pounds.

Damaging the moving equipment itself could result in harm to someone working around the equipment. It’s important to use someone with experience operating this type of machinery. Large equipment is expensive to repair and replace if not handled properly. To move large equipment, you need a wide variety of moving equipment not typically required for ordinary business moves.

The most complicated part of a typical business move is relocating network equipment. Although not the heaviest or most cumbersome assets to relocated, a business’ data must be treated with utmost care as its future may rely completely on the information contained within the equipment to be moved.

That is why backing up everything is essential and the first step prior to dismantling anything. Sometimes equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced as it may not be worth moving if it must be completely reconfigured and repaired to fit the needs of the business. Often, a big move occurs because the company plans to grow. To fit the business in the future, the network system must be built to accommodate such growth.

Get a Consultation First

The best way to find out what the moving strategy should be is to have someone come in and assess the property to be moved, take an inventory of your equipment, and propose a schedule and price based on your budget. Moves can be quite expensive, especially if they are long distance, and require planning far in advance not only to move possessions, but to ensure business continuity for the staff.

The rising costs of fuel and shortage of supplies have driven moving costs up. But if the new location will save you money in overhead, enduring the higher costs of moving to realize long term gains could be in your best interest.

Help with Moving Costs

There are currently business loans you can acquire, above and beyond the PPP loans, that do not require repayment. The IRS stimulus program is currently offering up to $26,000 per employee which can go a long way to cover business costs, hire new employees and upgrade equipment to support business growth. Your business may qualify for enough money to cover the cost of moving which may make the decision much easier for you to make and execute. You can typically get approval with just a few days time.

Whether moving thousands of pounds of metal machinery or a closet full of servers, you need professional help to get your valuable assets from one place to the other. 

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