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The Quick Guide to Increased Muscle Growth

There are muscle-building fundamentals that every man can focus on when trying to build the best version of their body. Eating right, training right and sleeping right are the three pillars to a strong body, but if you are only just starting out on your muscle mass building journey, here are five quick ways to get a jumpstart on your goals.

Consume One Gram of Protein for Every Pound You Weigh

By now, you should know that protein is the holy grail of bodybuilding. The food, shakes and supplements you consume while building muscle revolve around protein. Unfortunately, your body is built to drain your protein reserves for other metabolic functions such as producing hormones, breathing etc. One study has found that you can up your protein reserves by consuming one gram of protein for every pound you weight per day. Therefore, a 180-pound man should aim to eat 180-grams of protein in a day.

Choose a Quality SARM

Avoiding anabolic steroids and rather opting for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMs, is a better bet. Supplements such as MK 677 from Paradigm Peptides are designed to assist in promoting the secretion of natural growth hormone in your body. Paradigm Peptides provide premium quality SARMs which are scientifically tested with proven results. If you buy MK 677, you can expect better lean muscle gains with better fat burning qualities, better sleep and recovery. You can research peptides for more information.

Up the Calories

Besides adding more protein to your meals, if you are lifting heavy and consciously building muscle mass, you will need more calories to get by. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you don’t skip meals and you never miss your calorie mark. Calories are essential even when you are resting. Your body uses calories for processes such as circulation, breathing and thinking each day, so ensure you aren’t at a calorie deficit or you may lose unwanted body mass.

Challenge Your Body During Workouts

Your training should be a combination of isolation training and multi-joint exercises. Making use of multiple muscle groups at the same time, in turn allows you to lift heavier and push yourself harder – which is a great muscle growth stimulator. In other words, if you want to grow bigger, you have to move better, and you move better by using all your muscle groups when working out. Remember that to train better, you need to recover too, so don’t push your body to breaking point with each workout.

Eat Every Three Hours

Create an eating schedule that allows you to eat every three hours. Eating this often stimulates your body’s rate of building new proteins. With so much focus on eating right, it makes sense to dedicate half a day to meal prep every week. This way you have pre-prepared meals ready to eat when you need it throughout the day. Remember to set a reminder to keep up with this new routine.

With all of this in mind, you have the very beginning blocks to tackle your gains journey. For better results, find a personal trainer in your area who can build on these foundation blocks with a custom program suited to your wish list. Your muscle growth goals are within reach, so keep up the dedication and stay motivated and you are bound to see results fast!

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