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The global sensation that is Deal or No Deal

UK viewers will be familiar with the opening lines: “22 identical boxes. A quarter of a million pounds. Just one question: Deal or No Deal?” The Noel Edmonds’ hosted game show on Channel 4 was a resounding hit and ran for 11 years and over 3,000 episodes. But it didn’t start out on British screens. Dutch game show Miljoenenjacht (Hunt for Millions) created by Endemol in 2000 is credited with being the original game show and from there, it’s developed into a global phenomenon.

The gameplay varies from country to country – with some versions, including the original, featuring a preliminal trivia round to determine the lucky contestant. By using a quiz to whittle down members of a live studio audience, one lucky player will be left standing, to feature in the main game. Otherwise, it’s just the pre-selected contestant who plays the suitcase round. The premise of the main game is fairly simple and it quickly became popular, gaining traction all around the world.

As of 2020, Deal or No Deal has been televised in over 80 countries in six continents. The Italian version of the show, Affari Tuoi has seen the most top-prize winners, and although Deal or No Deal is currently running in 10 countries, re-runs are still popular with viewers. Such is its popularity, there are plenty of spin-offs from the television show available. Books, card games, interactive DVD games, Slots games, Bingo games and have you tried the Deal or No Deal online game? If you have always dreamed of being the lucky one that’s gets to grace ‘The Dream Factory’, now is your opportunity – all from the comfort of your own sofa on your phone or tablet.

The game follows the format of the TV show and the graphics mimic the studio. You’ll find 26 numbered boxes, with the monetary values of each box displayed on either side of the screen – the small blue amounts on the left, and the larger red amounts on the right. Select your stake and choose your lucky box – the more you stake, the higher the values of the boxes will be.

Then live out the show! Themed music will help create tension as you remove box by box, before the iconic black telephone rings and the mysterious Banker calls with your offer. You’re then forced to make the game’s toughest decision – will you accept the Banker’s deal or reject it and play on? As Deal or No Deal is a game of chance, you also have the option to ‘Quick Pick’ boxes and the computer will randomly take away a number of boxes, leading straight to the Banker’s offer.

In round one, you are required to remove six boxes, rounds two and three see five boxes removed, before four boxes leave play in both rounds four and five. If you keep rejecting the Banker’s offer and make it to the last round (the remaining two boxes), the Banker will give his final offer. If you reject this offer, you will win the value of your chosen box. Of course, the game ends at any point that you accept the Banker’s offer.

Gamers all over the world have the opportunity to Spank the Banker and if Deal or No Deal is no longer televised in your country, relive the tension and tough decisions for yourself online. Will you be a member of the infamous 1p club, or take something from the power five?

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