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Summer Time Camping – Preparing For A Memorable Hike

When the sun is scorching high and is directly above your head, that means the perfect time for camping has arrived. Long hot days, swimming in the cool water, family fun, and cooking – these are the reasons, to name a few, that people love this adventurous activity.

It is an activity that requires specific preparation, especially in the summer months. The bright sun is enough to tell you the risks associated with it. Your tent can become unbearably hot. Sunburn can ruin your experience. Heat can drain your energy levels. So, should we stop here? Obviously not!

If you have made up your mind to take up camping this summer, then you need not change your plan. Just plan extra carefully before actually heading to your camp. What are the safety precautions that you must take? Let us know!

Start with the right location – You have made up your mind to enjoy the summer in full swing. Hence ensure to choose the right place for camping. Keep your and your group members’ age and medical needs into consideration. Whether you have planned to stay in a tent or a recreational vehicle, you have to plan accordingly. For instance – in a recreational vehicle, you come across all the sleeping and bathroom facilities. But if you opt for camping in a tent, you have to take your air mattress, sleeping bag, and other essential things.

There is no doubt that RVs offer more comfort. But you may be surprised to know that nearly 60% of the campers still prefer to go for tents.

Have an idea about the weather – Before heading to the route, keep your eye on the forecast. Weather is the thing that can change every hour. So, pack your essentials accordingly. It is believed that approximately 33% of the campers plan their trips one month in advance to enjoy the best time.

Storage of food – Leaving the food unintentionally on the tables or anywhere can attract the wildlife. To prevent contact from animals, store your food in air-tight and water-proof containers. To prevent diseases, don’t forget to wash your hands. Also, prepare different containers for raw food and cooked meals.

  • Fact check: Every year, one in 6 Americans becomes prone to food-borne diseases. Hence, follow proper food safety measures.

The knife can do more than just cutting – We all know that knife is a tool that is used for cutting. But it has other applications too. Let’s talk about camping knives. When you arrive at your desired place, the knife can help you in clearing out the vegetation. Cutting bushes and small trees are necessary while making space for your tent.

It also helps in cutting and gathering the firewood. Hence, you can cook the food by building a fire. Fire is also useful to keep the wilderness at bay. Besides, with fire you can release a smoke signal in case of an emergency.

If your old knife is too blunt beyond repairs and restoration, you can always sell it out to buy new ones. Experts at Putgunsinsafehands.org suggest selling your old knives and firearms to federally licensed buyers only. Being said that, a federally licensed buyer would ensure all the paperwork and federal regulations are met to keep you out of any legal troubles in the future.

Insect protection – You may find a lot of mosquitos and other insects at the camping sites. You can use insect repellent for them. Apart from that, you should also wear full clothes while camping or hiking, to avoid direct contact with ticks and insects. After coming back from the camping site, keep your clothes in the dryer. Place them in high temperatures for at least 10 minutes. This should kill all the ticks from your cloth that might have attached themselves to your clothes while hiking.

Be careful while having fun – No doubt that camping is a pleasant experience. But at the same time, you should pay attention to your surroundings, body, and environment.

  • Note: Update your friends and family members about your itinerary. Your friends and family members should be able to contact you or find you if need be. Bring a proper supply kit with you containing a compass, knife, map, first-aid kit, food, clothes, and flashlight. After coming back, check for any skin rashes, sunburn, and dehydration. In case you experience any of these symptoms, do not delay consulting a doctor.

To sum it all up

We have enlisted all the things that are essential to make this summer season more magical. So, what are you waiting for? Backpack your things and headway to the wonderful journey!

Something beautiful is waiting for you!

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