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Moving to the West Coast of Florida? What To Know Before You Go

Moving to the West Coast of Florida? What To Know Before You Go

South Florida and North Florida 

South Florida is more diverse, and it demonstrates more of a Latin American and Caribbean influence. North Florida is less diverse and primarily a coastal area. 

North Florida has a different climate than that of the southern half of the state, so the capital is located in the north. There are more nightclubs in the southern half of Florida. 

Considering moving companies tampa is also important if you’re looking to buy a home in Florida. 

The north of Florida is less vulnerable to climate change-related events compared to the south of the state. South Florida, however, is feeling the effects of rising sea levels.


The weather is always ranked among the top reasons to move to Florida, and so I’d like to discuss it for a moment. Expect a tougher job from the weatherman in Florida. 

As the state’s nickname suggests, Florida offers a lot of sunlight and warmth, but the weather does change. It’s why residents have to plan their clothing for all weathers in one day. 

The majority of Florida has subtropical climates that keep summers long and their winters short and mild. 

In the summer, temperatures in the 80s may require shorts and tank tops to keep cool. In winter, you will not need a parka or snow boots. The average temperature is in the low 50s in northern Florida and the upper 60s in southern Florida.


When discussing the outdoors, we should talk about the creatures that live nearby. When you move from an area outside of Florida, the creatures you encounter may differ a lot from those you encountered elsewhere — keep in mind, Florida is known as “The Alligator State.”

Florida Has Political Influence

In Florida, your vote in presidential elections carries a lot of weight. As a result, you will see more political advertisements provided by seo services, receive more knocks on your door and maybe even have more frequent political discussions with friends, neighbors and business partners.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village provides visitors with an opportunity to learn more about how people lived 100 years ago. It is an indoor-outdoor living history museum that contains several historically significant buildings in Pinellas County.

This village occupies 21 arches of land and has 29 buildings that were built by the early settlers of the community. These include a schoolhouse, a house, and a church.

Amazing Educational Opportunities

There are a lot of educational opportunities available along the Gulf coast if you’re looking to go to school or visit someone studying there.

These include the Florida Gulf Coast University, the University of South Florida, and Ringling College of Arts and Sciences.

Famous Museums 

On the Coast of Florida, its best part to soak up the arts. Especially in places like Bradenton and Sarasota. The Dali museum in St. Petersburg, the Ringling museum in Sarasota, and Art Basel in Miami.

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