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Summer Hair Care Routine

Hair is a really important part of ourselves, and most of us will stop at nothing to keep them nice and healthy. Especially people who have long hair, have to maintain their hair properly in order to keep them healthy, and beautiful. As hair is an essential part of our beauty, we need to take care of it just as much as any other part. And for that, you’ll need to have a hair care routine that you’ll go through regularly. But having a hair care routine is not about just using a few standard hair products, but a lot more. Let’s see what you can do to keep your hair healthy.


One of the most important steps of maintaining healthy hair is regularly cleaning your hair. Regardless of your hair type, you need to make sure that you wash your hair properly with shampoo on a regular basis. You should also have a pre-shampooing routine to maintain the moisture and shine of your hair. The frequency of washing your hair will depend on your hair type. Using hot water can strip your hair of natural oils and make your hair dry and dull. A shampoo that has harsh ingredients, might do more harm than good. Sulfates and parabens can make your hair drier by stripping your scalp of natural oils. However, if you have colour-treated or bleached hair, you will need to use hair products that are meant for coloured hair specifically to protect it from fading. You must choose good hair care products for yourself carefully.


Using a good conditioner is far more crucial than using a good shampoo to keep your hair healthy. A conditioner can help add moisture and a lot of shine to your hair. Apply to the length of your hair after washing it, and then rinse it after some minutes. Conditioner should not be applied to your scalp or roots. Instead of using normal hair care products, you can use simple things to condition your hair too. Honey, ripe bananas, curd, avocados, oatmeal, etc. are excellent hair conditioners. You just need to apply them to your hair for an hour and then wash it with a gentle shampoo.

Oil Massage

Regardless of your hair type, you need to add oil massage to your normal hair care routine as the first thing. You can do it as a pre-shampooing thing. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. to massage your scalp and hair. This will add much-needed moisture to your hair, and promote blood circulation to the hair too. Leave your hair for an hour or overnight after massaging your hair with oil before washing it with a gentle shampoo. Then your hair will feel soft and look shiny instantly. There are many different hair oils available in the market containing various herbs to promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, eliminate dandruff, etc. You can also make your own herbal hair oil at home by finding recipes at home.

Light Therapy

Revolutionary in the world of therapies, light therapy has become really popular in recent times due to its numerous benefits. Light therapy can help you with many different problems such as skin problems, sleeping problems, pains, injuries and wounds, mental health problems, etc. But most importantly, light therapy can help you with your hair too. Light therapy mostly works to reduce hair fall and help you grow hair if anyone starts getting bald. But light therapy can also help you to keep your hair healthy, beautiful, and shiny. It will not only stop hair fall, but it will also provide the necessary nutrition you need for your hair to grow properly and remain healthy. You can easily go through this therapy at home by using a light therapy device.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners have now become an important part of the hair care routine for many people. These can help you keep your hair manageable and soft. A leave-in conditioner forms a protective coating on the hair strands to avoid damage from pollution and sun rays, and it also helps to add moisture back to the hair. Many leave-in conditioners contain fragrances to make your hair smell good. Choose an alcohol-free formula to make sure that the product does not make your hair dry.

Special Hair Products and Treatments

You can also add special hair treatments like hair spa to your hair care routine. One of the benefits of a hair spa is that it will deep condition your hair and reverse the hair damage caused by harsh chemicals on the hair. You can go to a salon for getting a hair spa, or do it at home by using deeply nourishing hair care products available at salons. Many people that know how to naturally take care of hair prefer to use homemade hair masks with ingredients that can be found in the kitchen easily. You can check the recipes on the internet to make those and get a hair spa at home.

Final Words

It is really important to take care of your hair on a regular basis, so maintaining a hair care routine is necessary. You can go through the above-mentioned hair care routine to keep your hair healthy and beautiful and prevent them from getting dry or falling.

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