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Solo Travel: How To Have The Most Amazing Time Away

The concept of jetting off abroad on your own can seem extremely daunting, and rightly so – heading to a country that you don’t know while travelling on your own is a big step to take. However, it’s important not to let feelings of fear and worry prevent you from taking a leap of faith and heading off on your travels.

Believe it or not, travelling solo can be an extremely enjoyable way to see the world. You can do whatever you want when you want because it’s just you. There’s no one else that you need to please or worry about – you’re all on your own, and that means you can do whatever you want, without having to think about anyone else.

Solo travel can be an incredible experience, but only if you’re clued up about what it takes to have an amazing time away when you’re travelling alone. If you’re thinking about heading off on a trip by yourself, it’s essential that before you do, you have a read of the guide below and use it as a starting point to plan your trip and make the most of travelling solo!

Think about the type of trip you are taking

The first time that you head off abroad on your own is going to be daunting – that’s a fact. However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can make your first solo trip a little bit less nerve-wracking. By selecting a trip type that is designed for single people, such as booking a singles cruise, for instance, will ensure that meeting new people and making new friends will be far easier than if you were simply to organise your own travel plans. You could also consider the type of trip that you would feel comfortable going on, on your own. It might be that you would be happy to head to English speaking countries on your own but not countries that don’t speak English. Or, you might be happy going to cities on your own, but not somewhere more remote. You need to think about what you are comfortable with, to ensure that you have the most amazing time away.

Be mindful of safety

When you’re travelling alone, safety should always be a key priority. You don’t want to make the mistake of putting yourself at risk, which is why it’s so important that you think carefully about what it will take to keep yourself safe while you are away. It’s vital that you always ensure someone knows where you are – perhaps you could give a friend or family member your schedule for the trip? You could agree a time and day each week that you will check in with someone, so that should something happen, and you are unable to do so, someone would know that something may be wrong.

Learn to let go

The fact is that you can’t always be in control when you’re travelling, and that’s okay. However, learning to let go and enjoy the freedom of travelling isn’t always easy. You may not always be able to stick to your itinerary perfectly, and that’s okay – going off-plan is a big part of the freedom that comes with travelling solo.

There you have it, everything that you should know about planning the most amazing solo trip abroad. It might be daunting at first, but if you fully embrace the solo experience, you can have the most incredible time away.

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