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Royal Holiday Vacations Cancun Remains A Safehaven From The Coronavirus

The tourism industry is going through a tough time right now but many are optimistic about an eventual recovery. After all, a lot of challenges have come and gone yet the industry managed to bounce back each time. It should also be noted that the dip has not affected everyone equally. Many of the traditionally strong tourist hubs still welcome countless travelers.

Mexico is one of the world’s most favorite vacation spots for many reasons. Its advantages don’t just go away so holidaymakers in the US and others continue to flock south of the border. In these stressful times, many are seeking much-needed rest and relaxation. People visit the country knowing that they can expect a dazzling variety of sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences.


The US has just welcomed spring after spending the past months in winter conditions. It’s still quite cold in many places, especially those in the northern part of the country. People may still want to escape to lower temperatures down south and Mexico is more than willing to provide. For example, the beaches of Cancun get ample sun at this time of the year with the mercury going over 80 degrees midday. The weather is always pleasant so visitors can go out and enjoy any number of activities depending on their preferences.


The ancient civilizations that populated this region thousands of years ago have left an indelible imprint on the country. Their traditions, beliefs, and architecture still have a tremendous influence on Mexico today. Many of the structures they built still stand thanks to the conservation efforts by the locals. Some of them are open to tourists who line up every day to see the ruins up-close. Guides relay stories about these places and the people who inhabited them long ago. It’s a fascinating walk across the time when life was incredibly different from what we experience today. Fortunately for tourists, plenty have been build close to the waters so those staying at beach resorts can usually take a side trip.


Mexico is hard to beat if you are looking for a destination that won’t cost much in terms of time, money, and effort. US tourists routinely drive or fly to the country because it takes just a short while. They can stay for the weekend and be back at the office on Monday. They can also have extended stays without worrying too much about the cost since everything if cheaper out here. The whole family can join since US dollars are stretched wide with lost-cost food, travel, and accommodations.

Risk of Illness

Everyone should take the appropriate precautions as advised by the World Health Organization and their own governments. Right now, the hotspots of the coronavirus are in Asia and Europe. North America has had much fewer cases so far. In particular, Mexico has no reported fatalities from COVID-19 as of today. Only a handful of confirmed cases have been reported and some of these are due to travels outside of the country. The most popular tourist destinations are still clear so there should be no worries about health. Those who have made plans and reservations should weigh the situation carefully before canceling their trips.

Royal Holiday is a trusted name with decades of experience in the tourism industry. The company has a presence in several locations all over the world including many Mexican tourist hubs. Royal Holiday Vacations Cancun strives to keep its guests safe and satisfied throughout their stay.

Should there be any concerns, use the Royal Holiday Vacations contact number for queries. People can learn about the situation on the ground and the latest advisories for timely information. The company can also provide details about the precautions being taken on the site and in the city to minimize the risk of infection. Guests can be confident that they will receive a high level of care and service from the staff of The Royal Holiday Vacations Cancun.

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