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Preserving vinyl flooring to keep it looking like new

For those who are budget savvy or just can’t justify a hefty price tag, vinyl flooring has been saving the day. It may come as news to you that vinyl flooring does a lot more than just look great in your home, it makes your home life easier.

From scratch and moisture resistant coating, to single plank or tiles replacements, vinyl flooring ensures you’re getting the most value for money that the flooring industry has to offer. But how should we maintain vinyl flooring so we can keep these benefits for years to come?

Stains be gone

As mentioned previously, moisture resistance technology is built into vinyl flooring so that you don’t need to rush to mop up a spill.

Those big-name cleaning products that take up most of your shopping spend are no longer needed (yet another bonus). When a spill hits your vinyl, you can simply wipe it up with a soft cloth or a floor wipe. You don’t even need to use scented products because vinyl will not harbour nasty smells therefore you don’t need to cover them up.

For harsh spills such as sauce or dark liquids, it is recommended to treat the area as soon as possible with a bicarbonate soda and water solution which will help to life any element of the substance from the surface of your flooring. Rub it in until the spilled substance is completely lifted and wipe away with a clean dry cloth.

Drop the mop

Have you ever noticed how more accidents happen in the kitchen than any other area of the home? Makers of vinyl flooring have recognised this pattern and come to say that it’s okay if they do.

If an accident has occurred in your kitchen (or any other area of the home) and a mop is definitely required, then simply mix a light soap solution into warmer water and treat the area as necessary until the accident is no longer apparent.

You will find that it takes less time for your flooring to get its original sheen back and that means hours have been taken off your time spent completely the chores.

Scratches? What scratches?

Vinyl is the perfect partner for family homes or those who like to have an end of the week party with friends. Any household that is constantly busy or just for those who are naturally a little bit clumsy, you can relax. The anti-scratch guard technology means that your flooring will not surrender to oncoming breakages so all that’s left to do is remove the broken object and sweep the area.

The low cost of vinyl means that repairs are just as cheap, so if your flooring does incur slight damage then you could even repair it yourself if you wish. Simply pick up some dish detergent, car wax and sandpaper and then its time get to work.

First clean the area of debris and dirt. Next, work down the main indent of the scratch with the sandpaper and then use the dish detergent with water to get rid of the shavings from the sandpaper. Once dry, place some of the car wax on the area using a dry rag to bring up a great shine which will look no different to the original flooring. The feel of the flooring after the wax has been applied should be indifferent to the connecting planks.

Listen to the experts

Unless you work in the flooring or home design industry, chances are you aren’t aware of all the benefits or you still have some questions. So let the research continue and find the collection that’s right for you, whilst you learn vinyl flooring will make your life so much easier.

Amtico has collections such as Spacia and Signature Wood which boats innovative design and hard-to-come-by natural material duplication. Luvanto is another favourite because of it’s unique layering pattern abilities in a range of colours and shades. Let’s not forget about borders also, which are perfect for larger spaces which need a little something extra. Invictus finds perfect harmony between materials such as slate, tile and oak to bring you collections such as Optimus and Maximus.

Investing in a product after you have completed extensive research is part of purchase satisfaction, and it also ensures that you’re getting exactly what you pay for which is vital when that product will be situated in your home for many years.

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