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Money-Saving Tips for Travelling Canada

Canada is often considered to be the land of ice and snow. Many people in the UK know little about the country except for the assumption that it’s cold. Though located on the other side of the Atlantic, Canada has many similarities with the UK, making it a stress-free destination to travel to. Not only do they speak the same language (for the most part), but they also offer similar foods that you would find in the UK. That said, Canada offers incredible landscapes, wildlife and culture that you won’t find anywhere else.

With money conversion rates being less than favourable, a trip to Canada can add up quickly. With these money-saving tips, you won’t break the bank and can still experience all the wonders of this incredible country.

Travel in the Off-Season

Canada has four complete seasons, and much like the UK, is busiest during the summer. Canada’s summers are hot and dry, offering excellent conditions for outdoor activities, but it will cost you more. Shoulder seasons are always budget-friendly and travelling in November, January or April is universally the cheapest. Winter is also inexpensive, which is fantastic since Canada is famous for its ski resorts.

Regardless of when you prefer to travel, you can find cheap Canada holidays to enjoy during any month of the year.

Choose Transportation Wisely

Canada is massive. The whole United Kingdom could fit into Canada over 40 times. For that reason, getting around is a lot different than back home. There are three main ways to travel throughout Canada that will save you money.

  • Fly. Due to its size, if you’re planning on visiting multiple destinations in Canada, you might want to consider flying. Domestic flights can be expensive, but with budget airlines like Swoop, Jetlines and Flair Airlines, you can find some good deals.
  • Drive. Renting a car and driving is the most cost-effective way to get around Canada. There will be many long stretches of driving, but it will give you the chance to take in the landscapes and experience the small towns.
  • Train. Train lines do not run in as many places in Canada as they do in the UK. That said, you can still travel to many destinations in the country by rail. It’s fast and gives you the chance to relax. Make sure you identify where you plan to visit first to ensure the train can get you there.

Discover Cheap or Free Activities

Canada is one of the best destinations for finding fun things to do for free. Canada is also the ultimate destination for adventure and the great outdoors. You can experience a lot of its incredible natural attractions for free, or with a small park admission fee. See waterfalls, hike up mountains, swim in lakes and observe wildlife, all for next to nothing.

Cities in Canada often host free outdoor festivals and events. So, check local listings before you visit to see what each town has going on. You can even bring your own snacks and drinks along to save even more money! If you do want to take part in additional entertainment activities, try checking discount sites like Groupon first to get some massive savings on attractions.

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