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Minimising the Cost of Your Commitment: How Breakups Affect Your Mind and Body

Many people experience break ups at least once in their life. Although breakups can be experienced in varying pain, some studies have shown that heartaches can hurt the same way as physical pain. The devastating effects of this occurrence can even go as far as being the most traumatic experience you could have ever faced.

After a breakup, individuals can feel short or prolonged moments of distress, lack of control over oneself, blame towards the previous partner, and depression. Overall, breakups tend to affect people mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Mental toll

Having a constant support system and companion increases the production of oxytocin in your body. This love hormone enhances the feelings of being in a relationship through feelings of trust, empathy, fidelity, and a sense of belonging. After the relationship ends, the constant supply of oxytocin significantly decreases, giving you a withdrawal effect that manifests through longing for your ex-partner.

Once you’ve decided to move on, you might feel the need to boost your oxytocin to adapt to your new normal, without breaking. Activities like listening to music, engaging in yoga sessions, spending time with loved ones, meditating, and petting your dog all contribute to a higher production of oxytocin. Depending on your way of coping, some may prefer embracing the new level of their oxytocin post-breakup. Coping after a breakup and eventually moving on, spells the process differently for everyone.

Physical discomfort

Humans are soft-wired to suffer when rejected by someone they adore. Under this type of stress, the body enters a fight or flight mode, which increases the heart rate. Although this response mode does a good job of waking up your muscles and triggering action, it can also lead to discomfort such as chest pains. Research has shown that the same regions of the brain are activated when facing breakups and physical pain.

Emotional havoc

As the concluding of a relationship forces individuals to embrace unfathomable and unwarranted changes, such as getting used to doing things alone or excluding someone from a routine, a series of emotions and behaviours take place. Some individuals result in social media surveillance, after a breakup to satisfy the longing towards an ex-partner. A study has shown that continued online exposure to an ex romantic partner negatively affects the process of moving on.

Human beings naturally yearn for intimate relationships, which lead others to have rebound relationships. These types of relationships tend to end terribly, as at least one partner tends to look for missing pieces or unobtained answers from the previous relationship. Since intimacy is a normal human need, having a drama-free companionship like those from Babylongirls can be the best option for all concerned parties. They are comforting to talk to and great to spend time with.

Post relationship grief comes naturally with breakups. This can manifest through separation anxiety, sadness, rage, sleeplessness, eating disorders, or panic attacks. The cost of having a commitment includes what happens post-relationship. Reflecting and accepting the breakup is the first step to freeing your mind from the grief and minimising the cost of your commitment.

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