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Maintaining Healthy Habits When You Travel Frequently

Frequent travel can be fun; it is a nice opportunity to discover and explore new things and you also get to refresh your mind. However, it can also be exhausting. The frequent changes in diet, the time you go to bed and many other changing factors can also make it a challenge. There are some things that can help such as dietary supplement manufacturing, which allows you to create your own unique supplement from a mixture of different products and substances into a compressed form. This is highly beneficial, as most frequent travellers also travel light, so a single supplement containing eveyrthing you need, will save space and time. But, whether you travel frequently for business or for leisure, below are some tips that can be helpful.

Stay Fit Always

Firstly, don’t fall into the cycle of staying fit while at home, ignoring all your fitness goals when you travel and then spending weeks after a trip to try and get back in shape. If you are a frequent traveler, you need to make it a habit to stay fit at all times. There are two key factors that contribute to your fitness; your diet and exercise regime.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans by the US Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture, a healthy eating pattern should limit added sugars, sodium, and saturated and trans fats. Rather, it should include fruits, vegetables, protein, diary, grains and healthy oils. Apply healthy food choices both at and away from home. Don’t forget about portion size too.

For exercise, aim for between 75 to 300 minutes per week. The length of your workout should be based on the intensity and your fitness goals. If you are just starting out, don’t push yourself too hard. Start small and keep growing as your body adjusts. Also, note that working out isn’t limited to going to the gym. Going to the gym is okay, but if that is not your thing, you can walk or jog, join a workout class, or create a small home gym. When you travel, you can stay at hotels that have a gym, go for walks, ride a bike, go swimming or work out from your room with the help of workout apps and videos. You may not do as much as you would while at home, but at least do something. That 5 minutes of stretching or walking will do your body some good.

Research Ahead of Time

If you don’t research ahead of time, you are likely to end up eating unhealthy foods or not exercising at all. When booking a hotel and planning your trip, research healthy menus and activities in your destination that can keep you active. You can try out new foods in the area, but don’t break your healthy eating habits.

Get Your Sleep

Getting quality sleep can be challenging, especially if you frequently travel to different time zones. Almost every traveler who crosses time zones will complain of jet lag. This happens because the body is used to your home time zone. To avoid or minimize this effect, consider these five tips:

  • Don’t travel with sleep debt. If you are not getting enough sleep at home, you will end up making up for that deficit while on your trip, and this will make your trip less productive. Thus, ensure you are getting enough sleep while at home, which is at least seven hours uninterrupted. Change your mattress if you need to, to ensure you sleep comfortably and rest well each night. You can view some good options here. Also, check on the cleanliness and tidiness of your room.
  • When you get to your destination, try and get some sunlight early in the morning. Also, keep any daytime naps short.
  • Carry an eye mask to block out natural light if it doesn’t get dark until late evening at your destination. These are also great for plane journeys.
  • Avoid caffeine before bedtime. This can keep you up for around 5 hours after you have consumed it.
  • Try adjusting to the new sleep times a day or two before travel.

Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently when you travel. Also, ensure that the water you drink and food you eat is safe. If you want to try some street food, insist that it is served hot.

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