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Interesting iPhone Facts

The iPhone is a revolutionary smartphone that many people own and even more people would love to own at least once in their lives. There is this thing with an iPhone that manages to give its users a bit of class. Anyways, today we want to take look at some of the few interesting facts about the iPhone.

Did You Know?

The “I” in iPhone has a meaning of its own. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, the internet was still something that was new to the world. As such, the “I” in iPhone was made to mean internet as it was one of the only hand held devices that could connect to the internet. This is not the only meaning the “I” in iPhone had as it can also mean inspire, instruct, individual, inform etc.

This means that back in day, the iPhone was the only hand held device that would allow players to enjoy meilleurs jeux au casino games.

iPhone users are the most loyal smartphone users in the world. Statistics show that that at least 83% of iPhone users are most likely to upgrade and get another iPhone as compared to 64% of Samsung users.

That Samsung and iPhone have an on-screen rival, but are actually on good terms out of the eyes of the public and have the same casino app where you can play direct on https://www.newzealandcasinos.io In fact, Samsung used to manufacture the processors for Apple’s iPhone back in the day. But now, TSMC has been making the processors for iPhone.

That before the iPhone was invented, Apple actually created a touch screen landline. But this creation never saw the light of day.

When the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus where released in September 2015, Apple reported to have sold over 13 million units of the models on the launch weekend. This basically means that they sold about 50 phones per second.

Facebook is the most popular app for the iPhone followed by Facebook Messenger, YouTube and Instagram.

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