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Information about the Rocky Mountain Train Tours

Tourists can see a panoramic view of mountains, nature, wildlife, and lakes when they take expeditions by rail. See more panoramic views in Canada on this site here. If you’re up to splurge on these travels, the GoldLeaf service carriage of trains available for tours can be the right choice for you.

What you’ll get is a comprehensive view of Jasper National Park, Banff, and Yoho. Some will allow nature hikes, lake cruises, and thrilling sky tram excursions like you’ve never experienced before.

You can stop over for the night in many iconic hotels like the Fairmont Chateau and Jasper Park Lodge. These are all present in the Canadian Rockies. What’s more, some experts can guide you when you want to know more about the Athabasca Glacier’s geology when you have the chance to explore the area, and this is something that you don’t want to miss.

Possible Itinerary

With the Canadian Rockies rising along the borders of British Columbia and Alberta, it’s no surprise that many tourists want to find out more about its hidden beauty and the nature that it offers. There are glaciers and jewel alpine lakes pouring down from the towering heights, which is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that you need to take.

The temperate forests of Vancouver are fantastic while you’re aboard the Mountaineer train. You can click here for a company that books train trips through the Rocky Mountains for more information on how you can go aboard. Some who have tried the services and delved deeper into the wilderness of the National Parks did not regret the experience for one second.

There’s a certain pristine wilderness feature in the Banff and Jasper National Parks that is hard to ignore. This includes the beauty that the cameras capture at every angle possible, the lush valleys, wildflowers, and the craggy peaks of the mighty glaciers. These breathtaking views are completed with lakeside hotels that are part of the history at the heart of the Rockies.

Day 1: What to Do in Vancouver

After you arrive at the airport in the morning, an excursion through Vancouver may be in order. This city is surrounded by lush forests, snow-dusted mountains, and pristine beaches that are enveloped by the modern metropolis.

Some parks offer nature paths and urban green spaces. See the seawall that’s lined by the temperate rainforest and the shimmering ocean of the harbor. You may choose a hotel where you gather with your fellow travelers for a scrumptious dinner.

Day 2: At Kamloops Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

You’ll be transferring into the dept in the morning, and you’ll be asked to board the Mountaineer. This can include glass-domed coaches with two levels if you’re in the GoldLeaf service.

The highlights of the trip include the rock sheds of the Thompson River and the thunderous rapids and steep slopes of the Fraser Canyon. Read more info about the Fraser Canyon at this link: https://www.britannica.com/place/Fraser-Canyon. Quick disembarkation at the hotel is where you can spend more of your time exploring the town. The meals that may be included in this include lunch and breakfasts.

Day 3: Jasper National Park Aboard the Train

You can go farther North to the Jasper National Park, where you begin to enter the Canadian Rockies. The dramatic and panoramic views increase at this point, and you can ride by the hanging valley where a glacier-fed cascade is presently called the Pyramid Creek Falls.

The voyage may culminate as you begin to glide into Mount Robson. Some say that the peaks often described as craggy can reach heights of up to 13,000 feet. This is a behemoth considered to be one of the tallest peaks of the Rockies. Upon arrival at the Jasper National Park, another check-in into the nearby lodge may be in order. This is nestled into a valley that’s often found at the heart of the park.

Days 4 to 5: Still at Jasper National Park

The tourists often have immersive experiences with the beautiful and pristine glaciers of Jasper National Park. The landscapes include ice sculptures, and this is a treat that you can enjoy over the next two days. You can travel through Maligne Lake and lookout for signs of caribou, elk, or moose along the way.

In this scenic tour, the often glittering and staggering backdrop of peaks can’t be missed. The dinners are served in your own lodgings that you prefer, or you can go to town to try Canadian delicacies. The next day of your trip, you should keep an eye on the surrounding wildlife and stunning sceneries that will be unforgettable.

There’s the SkyTram available that lets you soar into the mountains at 7,000 feet. The lookout point is above sea level, and you get an unhindered view of glacier-fed rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges that surround the town of Jasper. You can venture out in the afternoons for a quick hike before dinner is served. Make sure to come back before the kitchens close for the day.

Day 6: At the Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and Athabasca Glacier

While you’re onboard the train, the scenery at the Icefields Parkway can’t be missed. This is the route available towards the Banff National Park, where there’s a chance of stopping at the Athabasca Glacier. This is a mass of ice that’s part of the Great Divide Trail, where a chain of glaciers is present.

You can get a close-up look at the genealogy of the glaciers. If you’re up for an afternoon of the expedition, there are experienced tour guides that will lead the way to the treks. Further in the day, the accommodations may include checking in into the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, where you can get the best view of the sparkling blue waters of Banff lake. You can take the time to enjoy the trails, and there are food options around the property that you may want to try.

Day 7: Yoho National Park

You can spend the entire day exploring Yoho and Banff National Parks with the help of a knowledgeable guide. They will guide you through the landscapes surrounding the lakes and ensure that you don’t get lost in the series of hikes through long stretches of wildflowers and lakes.

Check out the ice-clad summits of Moraine and Emerald Lakes with fragrant pine trees as fringes. Stop for picnics or brunch while taking in the view of the Pacific Railway’s Spiral Tunnels. Your guide may tell you that the engineering goes back to 1909. The interactive exhibits that involved some of the fossils ever discovered are about the Burgess Shale. Farewell dinners are available when you come back into the lodge.

Day 8:  Go Back to Calgary

After a delicious breakfast, a transfer directly to the Calgary International Airport may be in order. You can go with lunch if your flight is in the afternoon.

Know that you should be in excellent health when you decide to travel through the rails, comfortable walking for extended periods, and prepared for excursions. Some of the things that you can see include lakes, glaciers, or go on a rafting trip. If you decide to splurge, the service in the GoldLeaf cars is worth it. You’ll stay at historic lodges and high-end hotels in the parks, so be prepared for a week of delights and pure fun.

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