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Important things when purchasing a dog house

Pet dogs are no less than family members of the house. You would always like to provide your pets with the best you can. They have a special bond with everyone and are real stress busters, so they deserve all the comfort. Every dog has different likings, and you must consider them all while purchasing a dog house for them. Nowadays, there are a lot of accessories and customization options available for a dog house. To make it comfortable for them, you need to add their favorite stuff too.

A right dog house must protect your pet from every weather. One can try many innovative ideas like dog door for sliding screen door depending on your dog house budget. In this article, we will discuss in detail the crucial tips while purchasing a dog house.

1. Determine the Size of Your Dog House

Your dog must fit in comfortably while having enough space left with him to roam in the house. Dogs grow a real fast, so even for the puppies, it would be better to consider the house’s size accordingly. It will avoid you constructing the house twice when they are grown up. However, don’t make it too big like a mansion, as the small house will quickly get warmth with their body heat in winters. Space must be sufficient to lay and turn around. Dogs love cozy spaces, which are not exposed to air. Make sure to measure the appropriate height of your dog house and build likewise. The size of the house also depends on the bigger or smaller breeds you have.

2. Know Your Pet’s Habits

You must be aware of all the habits of your pets. You need to consider them while building the house. If your pets like peeping out, you must ensure that visibility from his kennel. If your dog tends to over-heating, then the shade of the kennel should not attract the sun. You can use exterior plywood with a coat of linseed oil to hold the heat in summer and make it water-resistant. Don’t forget to add their favorite toy and meal bowl to provide them homely feeling.

3. Consider the Weather

Put a door on the house, which will restrict them from moving out in the winters. Also, it would work for providing ventilation in summers. It will give them more privacy and protection. Try using magnet flaps, which will make the door close automatically. You can also consider tented flooring, which would help collect the water from slopes during the rainy season. Try to find the shadiest part for building their kennel as it will tend to last longer. You could consider your garage area, which will protect them from the cold breeze.

4. Narrow down Your Materials

If your dog house needs frequent transportation, you can consider a plastic one. They are also a good option when it comes to cleaning and is cheap. But nothing can beat the wooden house when it comes to better protection. Wood cane effortlessly upbeat humidity and hot temperature and also works during winter. If considering wood, go for cedar pine or fir wood for constructing.

6. Add Accessories

Don’t add blankets or cushions inside their kennel as they have the chance of getting damp. It will also attract molds to grow over. Instead, switch to straws or woods to provide extra padding. You can also use cedar shavings to avoid fleas or ticks. Keep replacing the bedding once a week at least. You can also consider the moisture free foam and cover it with wood shavings. Place a water bowl and replace the water timely.

The Bottom Line

This is all which you must consider while building a house for your lovable dog. Your dog will feel comfortable and would love to spend quality time there. A suitable and clean home will keep your dog happy, healthy, and in good health. Don’t compromise on being creative and try thinking out of the box. You can also take inspiration from the dog owners in your locality who are experienced in doing so. The simple you keep, the more comfortable your loved one would be.

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