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How to Win Casino Games and Influence Probabilities

Online casino games are a fun and thrilling pastime that anyone can enjoy. One of their biggest draws is how simple they are to play.

Our expert in the field, Amy Martinsson, believes anyone has the potential to land a win. It’s true, no matter if you’re playing a game of pure luck like slots or something that requires a little more skill such as poker.

It all comes down to the probability of casino games or the math behind the mechanics. However, although winning percentages are high enough to keep you interred, the loss rate will always be in favour of the house. A casino online or on land is a business, after all, looking to make a profit.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what affects a win and how you can turn the edge in your favour by influencing probability.

Calculating Probability

If you want to influence casino probability, you first must understand what that means. It is the measurement of how likely something is to occur. To clarify, it’s a ratio comparing the likelihood something will happen against something that won’t.

A simple example of this is a coin toss. With the possible outcomes being one of two options, the ratio is, therefore, 1/2. To apply this to gambling, you then need to convert it into odds. Using the coin example, the odds would be one out of two. From this, you can tell that you have an even chance of winning over the house edge.

Now that you’ve learned how to calculate probability in gambling, use this new next time you sit down to play your favourite casino game.

House Edge

The house edge is a statistical term for the amount of difference between the payout odds and those of winning. To ensure the casino makes a profit and is effective as a business, they will always have lower payout odds compared to winning odds.

An easy way to look at this is that for every game that you play, the casino will ‘charge’ you a fee for playing. However, the amount is not fixed and is taken at random.

Other Factors That Affect a Win or Lose

The volatility of the game is another crucial element you must consider. It outlines two things. The first being how often you could win and second how much. For instance, if a game has a low volatility, you’ll find you win little but often. In comparison, high volatility games hold back big payout for rare wins.

You can influence the volatility in many games depending on the amount that you stake and the wagers that you place. For example, in a game of roulette, even-money bets have low volatility, whereas if you place a stake on a single number, the volatility is high. This type of bet statistically only wins every 38 spins; therefore, the risk is high but so are the rewards.

Another thing to note is the Return to Player percentage (RTP). The higher the percentage, the more the game promises to return your money. Linking to the house edge, you’ll notice that the industry standard for games such as slots is around 95% leaving at least 5% for the house.

Influencing the House Edge and Probability

There’s a multitude of strategies to learn. They will help you to understand how to get one over on the house edge. You may see them being referred to as advantage gambling techniques. It sounds a little intimidating, but they are simple to master with some practice.

The most well known of these techniques is counting cards. It’s frowned upon in the casino halls, but who is stopping you at home? To be successful at this doesn’t mean you have to be a math genius who can memorize every card in and out of the deck. It merely means to be able to keep track of high cards and calculate the probability of them appearing.

There’s also a variety of betting strategies to help you keep in control of your bankroll. These will teach you how to make the most out of each wager. Using specific wagering strategies on certain games will also help to reduce the house edge.

To Conclude

When enjoying casino games at your chosen online casino, it’s essential you understand that a portion of your money is going to be lost. The house edge is like a tax for using the service.

Nevertheless, you can make better choices about what games you play and how you handle your wagers. For the best success, calculate the odds and check the volatility and RTP before playing.

Additionally, taking the time to learn betting strategies beneficial for specific games. By doing this, they’ll help you make the most out of your money and gain an advantage over the house.

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