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How to Travel Alone: 6 Tips You Need to Know

Americans took more than 1.5 billion leisure trips in 2018. Among the top reasons for a leisure trip? Visiting relatives!

Are you ready to get outside your comfort zone and visit a new place on your own? Solo travel is exciting and offers an opportunity for personal growth.

If you’re wondering how to travel alone, keep reading for 6 helpful tips.

1. A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Flexibility is good but a little planning beforehand is a big help. Make sure you nail down your accommodations for at least the first couple of nights before you go.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and having nowhere to stay. It can be unsettling and even dangerous.

Some companies offer hotel bookings and as well as things to do for your itinerary. Book a room and one or two activities or tours before you leave.

2. Be Open and Trusting But Careful

As a child, you were taught to fear strangers. It’s true that some strangers are bad but most of them are harmless and even good! Let yourself talk to strangers.

Hang out and have fun with strangers but don’t offer too many personal details about yourself. Don’t ask anyone to hold your money or passport. Some of the most charming strangers are also con artists.

Avoid drinking more than one alcoholic drink when you’re out with people you don’t know.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Solo Dining

Lots of people don’t like eating alone in public. If that’s you, there are a couple of tips and tricks for a better experience.

Avoid fancy restaurants. Opt for a cafe or diner where people often dine alone. Sit at the bar and strike up a conversation with the bartender.

Bring a book so if you’re feeling awkward you can read. A book makes you more approachable than your phone. Someone may even sit down and ask you what you’re reading.

4. Try Something New

Do something you might not do if you had to get a travel partner or the family on board. Go to a museum and take your time. Try parasailing.

Eat foods you’ve never had. Do something from your bucket list!

5. Bring a Camera

Record your trip. Looking through the lens of a camera helps you focus on things you might not otherwise see.

Upload photos to Facebook and Instagram along the way. You’ll build great memories while you’re building your solo-traveling confidence.

6. Stay in Touch

Make sure someone from home knows your itinerary and update it on a regular basis. A Google Sheet is great for this. Leave names, addresses, and phone numbers of accommodations and when you’ll be there.

While traveling abroad, register with the State Department. In case of emergency, it’ll make it easier for the local embassy to reach out.

Now You Know How to Travel Alone

Now you know how to travel alone! It’s time for your first solo trip. Traveling alone is adventurous and fun and a great opportunity for personal growth.

Be smart and careful but also open to new people, places, and things. Try new foods and cross something off your bucket list.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and stay in touch with your loved ones. You’re going to love traveling solo.

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