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How To Throw A Mind-Blowing Housewarming Party?  

Once you’ve finally unpacked the stuff and settled in your new house, it’s the perfect time to give your friends, relatives, and most importantly, the neighbors a taste of your news digs in a stunning style by throwing a house warming party. But the real question is, how are you going to do that? You wouldn’t like to mess up just moved announcements occasion by planning things at the last minutes, right? It’s one of those memorable events that last forever. That’s why in this post, we’re going to discuss the housewarming party theme, invitation etiquette, things to avoid and food menu, etc.

The Origins of the Housewarming Party 

Some people wish to keep things personal if you’re one of them. You might be wondering why bother throwing a housewarming party? Well, housewarming parties have a whole history behind it. It started back in French custom called pendaison de crémaillère. It is a word that refers to the chimney hook holding kettle over a fire. It basically a way of thanking everyone who contributed to building a new house. But time has brought changes to it. Now new house owners make the announcement of their new home by throwing a backyard barbecue or indoor parties.

Why should you arrange one?

A Housewarming party is the chance to make memories with friends and family upon getting a new house and tying batter knots with the neighborhood. The whole house removal process gets very stressful, and this party is the perfect way to clear your mind and start a new refreshing journey at your new house. And obvious Its far better than just updating status on social media. With that being said, let’s get straight to the essential tips for throwing a successful housewarming party.

Get Settled Properly and plan the party in advance 

It completely understandable that one likes to show off the new achievement to friends and family right after settling in. But you need to slow down. Because house moving is a challenging process and you shouldn’t get more stressed in planning a party right after your unpacked the boxes. So, take at least 2-3 weeks and start planning after that. Pick a date of the party and start preparing everything after it. Make sure you pick the right date, so you get enough time to arrange everything as planned.

Create an Online Gift Registry 

You would be receiving a lot of gifts on the housewarming parties. There is a chance two or more people might get the same gift for you. In order to avoid that, make an online gift registry and mention all the essential items on it. It’s the best way to let your loved one know that you actually need. This will also ease their worry about gift selection.

Select the Party Area: Indoor or Outdoor? 

Now, you need to select an area for your housewarming party. The party area totally depends on the theme you’re going for. Many people prefer indoor parties as the visitors want to explore the new house. But there is no hard and fast rule for that. If you’ve got a giant backyard and lets just assume, you have a swimming pool installed in it, then it’s the best place of the party. However, you need to take care of some important things like where the guest will leave their coats. Where are you going to serve them food and arrange the tables and chairs according to that, whether it’s an outside or indoors party.

Send out party Invitations 

After selecting a place for the party, it is the perfect time to select the new home address cards and send the invitations to all friends, family, and neighbors. You can hand invitation cards to the neighbors personally. It’s an excellent gesture to start a good relationship. For the family or friends who live at a distance, you can send them the housewarming invitation cards via courier or simply email them. Make sure your invitation card says the short, sweet message like,
Join us and make our new house, “Sweet home.” In addition to that, you can also add hashtags to your cards. For example, #Johnnewhouse2020

Plan to give a house tour

Entertaining all the guests is the responsibility of the host. Make sure you plan how you’re going to give your guest the whole home tour in advance. Highlight all the extra features of your house while giving a tour. Set some games to make these home tour fun. You can go room to room with friends while cracking jokes and telling old stories along the tour.

Are you ready to throw a fantastic housewarming party?

Now that you read all the essential tips for throwing a successful party. We hope you would be more prepared and this guide will help make your new house party experience better.

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