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How to Teach Students Never to Give Up

Not everyone finds it easy to learn English. Some people sail through easily while others struggle with grasping the many vocabularies, pronunciations, and complex grammar. Many students have given up, which begs the question, how best can we teach them to remain resilient and not give up. The teacher has an uphill tack in teaching students. Even with the highest qualifications, they have a lot to deal with. As a teacher, you have to come up with a lesson the will cover all bases from keeping students engaged and attentive, correcting their mistakes, and having an exciting and fun lesson. Write For My Paper gives us the best ways to connect with students and help them always be motivated. Some of the best ways to teach students never to give up include:

Always stay positive

Most of the time, the only feedback students get is their exam results. Regular positive feedback can be a good motivation booster for a student. Apart from getting a good result, students often desire to please the teacher. And as the teacher, showing some positive feedback goes a long way in keeping the student motivated. Make a habit of criticizing in private and praising them in public when they do something good.

Track progress

A track record helps us reflect on our progress and see where we can improve and where we need to celebrate our achievements. Progress applies to everybody, including students. An excellent way to motivate students to learn English is by reviewing past papers and books to jog their memory. Also, please keep a record of English words and regularly revise them. Progress will drive the student to improve and inspire them.

Display students work

Having a student’s best work on display and seeing other best work is the perfect way to motivate them. They will be more inclined to up their game and not lose hope. The best way is to have them do some projects such as book and film reviews, graffiti projects, or best writing wall.

Emphasizing the value of English

It is essential to keep the students aware of the benefits of knowing English. For instance, English is a crucial language in Spain, and it is mandatory to get not less than the B1 level to get a decent job. The importance of English is well known, but it is quite easy to forget. English is an international language. It could be a motivating factor for students that wish to travel abroad.

Motivational peer talks

Getting older students and alumni to come and pass their experiences to young students is one way to keep them motivated. Peers have a high impact on their fellows at a young age. Have your student write down questions that they have. It is the best way since the peers get to share their experiences and brag about their wins. It is a good way of boosting students’ moral.


Making a difference in student life is one of the ultimate goals of any teacher. It takes a lot of time and effort to make the students come around and be interested in learning. Get your students interested in learning by setting clear goals, connecting them with their peers, tracking progress, and becoming autonomous. Remember a kind word and positive feedback is key to their internal satisfaction.

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