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How to Purchase the Right Marina Boat?

Boating has evolved into one of people’s most treasured pastime activities, as it provides the perfect getaway from the pressure and worries of everyday life.

However, not many people can truly enjoy the merits of this hobby, as it requires having your own boat. Obviously, watercrafts are rather expensive, but they aren’t impossible to buy if you know how to make a good purchase.

There are plenty of factors to be considered, such as selecting the right type, determining your budget, taking care of the finances and even requiring the help of a broker to negotiate the best deal.

You can find numerous boat dealers, like Jerry’s Majestic Marine, dealing with sales and rental services. These tips will help you buy the best model for you.

Select a type

The initial thing to decide prior to purchasing a boat, would be selecting a type, as you’d otherwise be even more confused by the extensive choice. Since this is probably your first purchase, it’s completely understandable for you to be unknowledgeable on the topic of watercraft types, which is precisely why you have to do a proper research.

The variant you’re planning to purchase should be determined by your intended purpose of using the vessel. If you haven’t given any thought to your future sea plans, now would be the right time to make up your mind. For instance, if you’re a diver, looking for some peace and solitude while enjoying your hobby, then you’d be better of with a boat with a dual console. In case you’re more of an adventurist, keen on water sports, then a water-ski vessel would be the perfect variant for you.

In fact, your ultimate choice would boil down to your preferences, as purchasing the wrong type of vessel wouldn’t bring the enjoyment and relaxation you craved for. Anyhow, regardless of the variant you choose, make sure it doesn’t exceed the length of twenty-four feet. The longer the ship is, the more difficult it is to operate, particularly for a beginner.

Don’t forget the other factors

Apart from determining its purpose, you also need to consider its size and the amount of money you’re willing to spend on it. Size would largely depend on whether you plan to use it on your own or invite some company. In the former case, you’d need a small-sized vessel while in the latter case you’d definitely need to purchase a larger one in order to be comfortable for a bigger number of people.

Another crucial factor is your budget, which you need to determine in accordance with the time you intend to spend on water. In case you wish to make boating a part of your routine, then it’s worth investing in a costlier model, but if you plan to use it a few times annually, then investing in an expensive model wouldn’t really make sense.

Bear in mind that the cost you’ll pay to the seller isn’t the ultimate one, as boats require maintenance, registration, insurance and other factors that cost a good portion of money as well.

You need to get your parts and installations from a credible and reputed boat accessories supplier. Since parts are expensive, you need to make sure that you are getting high-quality boating parts, as well as the option of repair and replacement work from the same supplier.

New or used one?

Plenty of people have given up on their wish to purchase a watercraft due to their high cost, as watercrafts are still considered as items of luxury. Nevertheless, there’s another viable option of buying an already used watercraft, previously owned by someone else. The difference between the two offered alternatives is obvious, as naturally the best option would be buying a brand new vessel. It comes with a warranty, unlike a used one.

However, many people consider the second alternative as well. Perhaps, you’ll make a good bargain by purchasing a watercraft in good condition for an affordable price. Anyhow, make sure it goes through an inspection prior to arranging any deal with the seller. The tips on this page will help you make the best purchase of used boats for sale.

Take care of finances

After having made your choice, consider paying a visit to some of the boat dealers in your local area who would be more than happy to answer all of your inquiries regarding the model you plan to buy. Most of them are cooperating with banks, thus facilitating the process of getting a loan and providing you with more favorable conditions.

In case you don’t want to go through the shopping experience on your own, out of fear of being tricked into paying a higher price than the standard one, you might consider hiring a boat broker. This person will represent your needs and preferences, searching for the perfect model for you and haggling to the most affordable price. Naturally, this broker would charge you a fee, but in return save you lots of trouble.


Choosing the right watercraft requires time and thorough research.

Don’t rush through the process!

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