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How to get his attention

Men always brag how easy they are and how complicated women are — scientifically proven that the female brain works differently. We can’t fully agree or disagree on that as all people are different and we live when everyone is expressing themselves more than ever. Men can be more emotional, and women become more straightforward. With that being said, despite all the technology distractions men have, we have a couple of secrets that will knot his attention only around you.

We searched all over the Internet and found not a bad list of advice from some Jorge guy. He had good suggestions, but we thought to point out 3 most relatable ones. Don’t get me wrong; all of those suggestions are great and might work just fine. We are convinced that these three main rules are the base to achieve the goal and make him obsessed with you.

Rule number one

Don’t put him in the middle of your life. A lot of women very often forget about it and make the man their only life priority, putting everything on a pause. That has to stop. You are the center, not him. Make him realize that and will run crawling to you, begging to answer his call.

We know it might seem hard at first, but it’s worth it. Pause and think about your life without any men at all. What would you do? How you used to entertain yourself before your life got obsessed with the men. Try to distract yourself as much as possible. Stop checking your social media, turn off your phone, and read a book, watch your favorite movie, or start that online course you wanted for so long but never had enough time. In case it is hard for you to keep your focus and you still keep thinking about him, your hands are itching to check up on your notifications — try to meditate. That should help a lot.

Rule number two.

Start dating other people. It doesn’t mean you should be juggling 5 men (unless you want to, of course) at the same time and fully commit to any of them. Changing your routine would be a good distraction. Meeting new people and going on the first dates, getting to know people, and again, distracting could be life-changing and rewarding. Meanwhile, make sure to tell him about that in a joking way, like you do have plenty of other choices. If you don’t know where to start and find new dates, you can check this for more information.

Rule number three.

Get your life back. Put all your effort and attention to yourself. Get yourself busy, not petty. This rule is closely connected to rule number one. But here we suggest we forget him. Well, at least make him think so. Humans are weird creatures, and once we don’t get what we used to get daily — it makes us immediately interested in it. Once you would seem like you’ve moved on and had better things to do, it will make him wonder what happened, and we will most likely try to initiate contact again and make everything get back to normal.

If we are sincere, this can go two ways. Either he will realize that he is actually losing you and would get back to his inner senses and would try to get in contact with you, or he will respect your decision to move, which shows that he wasn’t that interested after all, and will let you go. The most important thing is to stay calm and accept what’s coming your way and take it with dignity. Regarding his moves, respect yourself and make it a priority in these relationships.

We are sure that you can find plenty of options on how to get his attention back on you. Some might work for one, and some could be failing you. Either way, you should remember that all people are different and life situations as well. Whatever comes your way you should accept and embrace. What’s yours always gets the way to be near.

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