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How to get 4K Sports on Satellite TV

If you are one of those who love to watch HD sports on weekends, then this article is for you. In this year fortunately two devices satellite DISH and DIRECTV are offering the 4K resolution. It is just a start but companies are trying to add sports channels as well in the 4K resolution. In this article we will see when and how you can get the 4K sport resolution.

Current 4K Programming

According to mikeharrisaerialandsatellite the upside for sports is mostly available in the 4K resolution. The broadcasters are offering the 4K resolutions to the services providers now. It is very soon when DirectTV and satellite TV will start offering the 4K resolution sports to their customers.

Requirements for DirectTV 4K Programming

  • You need a high resolution screen TV. Visit aerialandsatelliteexpressfor the consultation of which TV will be perfect for the 4K sports channels.
  • Ginie with HR54, 4K minis or above receivers are compulsory for the HD sports.
  • With the english package, you will need to choose a plan or above with spanish. It will take mass Latino or higher.

Requirements for Satellite Dish 4K programming

  • For satellite Dish you should have DVR of The Hopper 3 or latest version with 4K resolution Joeys.
  • The package required with english package, America‚Äôs top plan or above is required for the 4K programming. The 4k or ultra HD is not currently available with Spanish language, but we can expect it for sooner.


If you are already familiar with 4K resolution then you should know how cool display is. Everything looks very clear on the screen. The pixels are very close to each other. It seems like the viewer is watching the scene live. Sooner or later the DirecTV and satellite Dish will officially launch the 4K resolution with spanish language as well.

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