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How To Flourish Your Fitness Career Remotely

Something like fitness can seem like an ‘on-site’ ordeal. Perhaps you feel like you need an open outdoor space to hand, or a state-of-the-art gym at your disposal?

However, staying active at a professional level can be conducted perfectly well at home. While being confined indoors over the course of the coronavirus lockdown has indeed been stifling for many, here at least there’re many avenues for you to explore. You’re lucky, in a sense; you can still push forward, even when the state of the world is currently setting many people back.

With all of this in mind, you’ll find some further information on flourishing your fitness career after the jump.

Remain Active

Obvious, but essential, staying active is the first and arguably one of the most important steps in keeping your fitness career surging.

There’re many exercises you can undertake from the comfort of your own home. You can do sit-ups, press-ups, crunches and more. If you have the equipment to hand (and you probably should as a professional) or your very own home gym, then weights and treadmills are worthy endeavours too.

You likely knew all of this already. Still, the main trick to keep in mind here is to stay motivated. Lockdown has instilled an understandable sense of laziness in many people, and even basic tasks can seem like a slog of an ordeal. Fitness is about mentality as much as physicality, so hit your exercise regimens hard and do not let up for anybody – not even yourself!

Develop Your Skillset

Whether you’re a personal trainer or group instructor, your expertise in teaching needs to be carefully maintained.

Fitness isn’t just about being fit. It is about the two D’s: development and discipline. Being able to pass on your wealth of knowledge depends on these two principles. Fortunately, some courses can keep you sharp in these areas, with many quality materials being taught over Zoom.

For example, these courses from TRAINFITNESS have been finely structured to represent the real-life requirements of a gym instructor or personal trainer. Every topic from strength and conditioning to exercise with disabled clients is covered in great depth here, helping you to polish your skills or adopt brand-new qualities to your professional arsenal. Don’t let your skills go rusty.

Nourish Your Network

A fitness career is rarely a completely solo effort, and chances are, you may have a myriad of contacts and partners under your belt already.

Whether it is liking connection’s posts on LinkedIn or firing off a few update emails, making some waves here will keep your services and talents in the minds of all the relevant parties. Even checking in with a simple ‘hello’ might make trusted associates feel not only remembered but valued also.

Brand deals, suppliers, and sponsorships all play a huge role in this arena, and to neglect them all for a second is to drop the ball entirely. Engulfed in uncertain times, you need to establish a consensus wherever possible, and that should extend to your professional network in totality. Many people are struggling on a personal level during lockdown, and some professional curtesy and kindness will be fondly remembered. Reach out, make a difference, and you will be looked on favourably thereafter.

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