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How To Find A Dispensary In San Francisco While Traveling

The legalization of weed has changed things for weed-lovers but there are still some rules and etiquette that you need to follow. For example, it is recommended that you don’t carry along your favorite cannabis goodies while traveling. Rather, buying them once you reach your destination is a better idea. If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, you will definitely want to know about finding a dispensary once you are there. Looking for a dispensary in a new city can be a challenge but here are a few tips that can help.

Invest in some research before you reach there

Smart travelers often invest in some research beforehand so that they know the city in the literal sense at least. If it is going to be your first time in San Francisco, a complete online tour of the city will help. And when you are browsing the best places to dine and visit, you may also look for some dispensaries as well. Speak to a friend or an acquaintance that lives there. You may even ask around in your weed-lover circles if anyone has been to the city before and explored the options there.

Ask your cab driver or hotel staff

Cab drivers and hotel staff are the best people to guide you about the reputed local dispensaries. They will actually be happy to show you around if you pay them a handsome tip. It is good to trust the locals but also use your cannabis knowledge to ensure that you are not taken for a ride. Checking out the products and talking to the dispensary staff will give you a fair idea of whether the place is good enough.

Trust Google

You will probably have searched for some good local dispensaries as a part of your tour planning but a Google search with “near me” will turn up the best options. Another reason why you should trust Google for finding a reliable san francisco dispensary is that it gives you access to online reviews. The reviews of real customers can be trusted for understanding the reputation of the store and the quality of the products it offers.

Carry along cash and your ID

Finding a good dispensary in San Francisco is just half the work done because there are some basics you need to follow for buying from them. First things first, you should carry your ID along because dispensaries verify the age of the buyers to ensure that they are legally permitted to buy these products. It is also a good idea to carry some cash because your credit card may or may not work. This is something that you would not want to happen, particularly if you use cannabis for medical reasons.

Use cannabis responsibly

One thing that you must stick to while traveling to San Francisco or anywhere else is to be responsible for the usage of cannabis. Exploring new products you have never tried before can be exciting when you are in a holiday mood. But make sure that you use them safely and in the correct dosage. Responsible behavior is a must when you are in a new city.

Now that you know these facts, it will be easy to find a reputed dispensary and pick some great products when you are in San Francisco. So go ahead and enjoy your trip!

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