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How can you Win Hearts by Telling Stories?

The Power of Stories

Words are powerful tools to express yourself.  The right words can build an empire whereas the wrong ones have the power to crush souls. Humans like both telling stories and listening to stories. That is why everyone is glued to the TV, watching movies, listening to the news to hear news stories. People check their social media accounts many times in a day as they are interested in knowing what stories others have to say. The ones who are portraying their lives through social media in an interesting way have more followers. This shows people connect to those who are good story tellers.

Great stories are a form of communication and people tend to relive events through stories. Readers surf through the internet looking for interesting stories looking for distraction from their regular and boring routines. You may think that story telling is restricted only to novels, movies and TV. But you can use story telling in blogs as blogging topics. Stories connect deeply with emotions and writing content using stories as a tool is more memorable than just straightforward facts.

Use Stories as Weapons

Humans like entertainment and you can give that to them through blogs if you are good at telling stories and communicating. Pick up any topic, look for information, present it to your reader in the form of a story and it will stay with him. Writing a post for your cooking blog? Tell a story how you stumbled upon the recipe, will make it more exciting to read.

Set the content using a story. If you want to talk about getting more followers for your social media accounts, tell a story related to your struggle. You can also describe your experience in the form of a story. If you are giving a product review, be truthful but in an interesting way like making up a story on why you needed the product in the first place. A blogger writing about photography can tell a story on how he toppled over in full public view while taking a picture. But be sure that the story is relevant to the topic. For furniture blog post writing a story about getting a tattoo for the first time, won’t be appropriate.

Use Stories to Add Credibility

For marketing or business purpose, use success stories as testimonials. People trust the experience of other people, this is the reason testimonials work well. Share stories that are entertaining with a touch of surprise. This will draw the reader and win his attention. Identify what point you want to make and then look for a story that expresses your point clearly. Consider your audience, chose something that they can relate to. This allows you to attract your reader and entertain him.

Start an Anonymous Blog

When you start a blog, it is normal to feel anxious in the beginning about whether people will accept your stories or not. You may feel that people may not enjoy your stories and speak negative of you. People feel nervous that their friends and family may not appreciate what you have to say. Sometimes even your boss or colleagues may not be happy to find your name connected to it costing you your job.

If you like telling stories, but feel that you are not ready yet and need to practice, you can create an anonymous blog. Wondering why anonymous blog matters? It is because it is the place where you can pour out your feelings without any apprehensions. Once you start writing on anonymous blog, initially there will be some readers who may share disappointment but an anonymous blog is a safe place with anonymity as no one knows your identity. You can have discussions with your readers and find out ways to improve.

Make your own anonymous blog only if you have the time to post on it regularly. Posting infrequently will not get your traffic, which in turn will not let your blog get popular. You will also have to learn ways of promoting an anonymous blog so that it reaches more and more readers. Write guest posts for other blogs and add the link to your blog. People who like your style of writing can find you on your blog.

If you decided to create your blog, follow best blogging practices. Don’t be under the impression that your readers won’t judge you for a slow or less maintained blog just because it is anonymous.

Move from lifeless to interesting copy. Once you become an expert story teller by owning a successful anonymous blog, you can start blogging under your own name.

Tell stories, use them to share emotions. Give your readers a chance to cheer. Win their hearts and create a bond with them. Doing all this will make your readers look for you and not vice versa.

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