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Honest Ways To Cheat At Online Slots

There have been some audacious attempts at cheating when it comes to gambling. The people behind these plots are hardly household names, but their attempts to cheat have been well documented and are now legendary. Individuals like Tommy Glen Carmichael gave it their best shot, but got caught and prosecuted. Carmichael invented a device that would trigger the switch that would release the money in old style coin slot machines, regardless of what symbols landed on the reels. When first caught, Carmichael was jailed for five years, soon after his release, he was caught and jailed for a second time. 

Ron Harris succumb to temptation whilst working in various gambling joints. He was trusted with the job of making sure that slot machines were fitted with approved computer chips. Instead, he decided to use his knowledge to create his own version of a random number generator that helped bag him thousands of pounds and evidentially led to him being fired when his winning streak, aroused suspicion. 

Dennis Nikrasch was a skilled locksmith who put his expertise to bad use by replicating keys to free slots. When it was safe, he would open them up and insert his own modified computer chips into the games, ensuring they would payout jackpots more often. A disgruntled partner in crime tipped off the FBI when her share of the profits fell short of her expectations. 

Heightened Security 

Thanks to these security breaches, more security and modifications have been put into place to prevent individuals from finding weaknesses in these machines. It’s obviously easier to manipulate a physical machine at a land-based casino, than a virtual one at an online casino. This is literally impossible to accomplish. 

The Era Of The Virtual Video Slot

Virtual video slots also use RNG technology to produce random spins and this random number generator cannot be manipulated from an online casino platform. Therefore, the days of being able to manipulate a slot machine are long gone. If there was a way to cheat them then the digitalization of slots has put an end to this.

Giving Yourself The Honest Edge

You could try and win without spending any of your own cash, but this means hunting down the best casino welcome offers online for new customers. A good package should include a 100% deposit match and some free spins thrown in for good measure. Wagering requirements should not exceed 30x and free spin winnings should be paid in cash and free of wagering restrictions.

Loyalty bonuses are the best, as they usually come as part of a VIP package that rewards you for spending large amounts on casino sites or even land-based casinos. These come in the form of wager free cash or free spin bundles with no strings attached.

Finally, play slots that are low variance and have high return to player percentages that are also known as RTPs. Anything over 97% is well worth investing in, but don’t expect big wins as these types of slots tend to produce a small but steady flow of winning spins.

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