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Fun Things to do in North Dakota

Fun Things to do in North Dakota

The beautiful scenery and incredible cultural heritage of the state with many museums, national parks and recreational activities of North Dakota will make you curious to know more about this magical state.

So, Here is an article to tell you about the fun things in North Dakota that you surely don’t want to miss.  

1. Fargo

The largest and most vibrant city of North Dakota, with its beauties and attractions, is located in Cass county, the U.S.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery,  entertainment halls, and delicious foods, you must visit this place at least once in your life. You will surely not regret it.

A few of the best things in Fargo for both indoor and outdoor activities that you love to enjoy are  as follow:

  • Fargo Air Museum
  • Red River Zoo
  • The Wood Chipper in Fargo
  • Rourke Art Gallery & museum
  • Historic Fargo Theatre
  • Chub’s Pub
  • Praire Rose Meadery
  • Historical and cultural society of clay county
  • Roger Maris Museum
  • North Dakota Horse Park.

Besides the above few, there is much more to do in Fargo. Great cultural heritage, sports, and restaurants are worth visiting. If you ever got a chance to visit North Dakota, keep this place on your top priority list.

2. Bismarck

North Dakota’s capital and 2nd most populous city are famous due to its incredible history and many tourist attractions.

A list of the things comprising history and cultural values with adventurous spots is given below:

  • Missouri River
  • Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
  • The Dakota Zoo
  • Keel Boat Park
  • McDowell Dam Nature Park
  • North Dakota Heritage Centre

Moreover, Bismarck is home to many biking trails. When it comes to the weather condition, the winters are cold with heavy snowfall, and summers are lovely and chirpy with stimulating activities where you can enjoy everything to its fullest.

3. Grand forks

A sparkling city with all its attractions is located in the eastern part of the state. This great city is famous for its entertainment venus, outdoor activities and cultural history.

You can enjoy fine dining, live musical concerts, sports events and unique culture in this fantastic place. Few of the popular attractions include:

  • North Dakota Museum of Art.
  • Flood Memorial Monument
  • Sherlock Park
  • Splashers of Down Seas
  • Arenas & Stadiums
  • Grand Forks Town Square
  • Fire Hall Theatre

The seasons in  Grand forks make it a heavenly place. The winters are the best for sledding, skiing and snowshoeing, whereas the summers are great for biking, hiking, camping and kayaking, making it a perfect tourist destination.

4. Maah Daah Trails

One of the top trails for Mountain Biking in the United States is in North Dakota. The trail is best known for hiking, camping, biking and horse riding.

If you want to enjoy the challenging 143-mile trail, give it a visit.

5. Mandan

Another fantastic place to visit in North Dakota, with many beautiful spots to rejoice. A few of the famous places in Mandan to visit are given below:

  • Harmon Lake
  • Raging rivers water park
  • North Dakota State Railroad Museum
  • Fort Lincoln Trolly
  • Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park
  • Praire West Golf Course
  • Dacotah Speedway

So, if you are moving to North Dakota, you must tour these sites to refresh your mind.

6. Medora

One of the oldest towns in North Dakota is famous for its historical sites. The well-known Theodore Roosevelt National Park is very close to Medora. This town is renowned for biking, hiking trails, camping and many recreational events.

Some of the famous places for including the following:

  • Medora Visitor Centre
  • Old Town Hall Theatre
  • Chateau De Mores State
  • Maltese Cross Cabin
  • North Dakota Cow Boy Hall of Fame

7. Turtle Mountain Chippewa Heritage Centre

Belcourt’s museum, with artifacts and a great cultural heritage, is unique and famous due to the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Band.

Turtle museum protects and maintains the vibrant history of the tribe of the Metis and Ojibwe to promote the culture, language and history of the Chippewa Band for the people of the mountain and the next generations.

If you got a chance to tour North Dakota, remember this historic place to visit as well.

8. National Buffalo Museum

A museum with the world’s largest buffalo monument showing the American Bison artifacts and culture is located in Jamestown, North Dakota.

You can also witness the live grazing buffalo herds in the museum’s backyard and get historical knowledge about the American bison cultural history, handicrafts and artwork inside the museum.

You can also have some excellent photography at this historical and fantastic site.

9. Scandinavian Park

A unique place in the Minot town of North Dakota where you will find the replicas of the five Nordic and Scandanavian countries to know the exciting history of these countries is worth visiting.

These replicas include the following remembrances of the Scandanavian Countries:

  • Gol Stave Church
  • Dala Horse
  • Danish Windmill
  • Stabbur
  • Hans Christian Andersen Statue
  • Casper Oimoen Statue

You will find a complete history of the Scandanavians in this park. It would be great fun and fantastic to enjoy this amazing place.

10. Badlands

One of the renowned scenic lands with great historical value is in western North Dakota. The badlands are famous worldwide due to the significant fossils of mammals.

Moreover, these are best for hiking and studying the evolutionary history of many species. You can easily reach the park by driving.

If you are touring the magic state, don’t forget to visit the famous Badlands.

Final Thoughts

North Dakota is indeed a place worth visiting. We hope you are now sure about your next destination. Plan a tour and enjoy.  

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