Parents these days are just as concerned for their kids when it comes to fashion as they are for themselves. It is no longer just about getting them a random oversized dress to keep them warm. You want to make your kids look smart and presentable without breaking the bank. Hopefully!

You want them to look fashionable and stylish without you having to keep up with latest trends in children’s clothing constantly.

Here are some tips to put into consideration before making purchases for your children;

Keep the weather in mind, at all times

This is the first and most important consideration when it comes to buying an outfit for your kids. Getting them a sleeveless t-shirt in the winter is pointless unless you are trying to freeze them. It doesn’t matter if it is a good bargain. Similarly, you can find a warm, stylish jacket for a bargain. Weather and comfort go together. A comfortable kid is a happy kid. Comfort and warmth should guide you on how to buy baby clothes.

Dressing should be easy and fun

Press studs are much easier to open or close. They will not only make dressing up easier for you but also your child when they have to do it. Buttons will also do just fine. Zips might be trickier if they get stuck up or pinch against the skin. Getting something they can pull up and off, if they are that type, is the best though. No confusing buttons, no pinching zips, just freedom.

Involve them

Dolce & Gabbana might be your favorite label, but that does not mean you impose on your little ones your preferences.  Let them have a say in what they wear. If they are too young to speak for themselves, watch out for their facial expression when you show them a certain outfit. If you can’t get their input (for example, you are getting them a surprise gift), then a t-shirt of their favourite cartoon will work the magic.

Better still, you can buy plain t-shirts and customise them using the heat press guide to capture their names and names of favourite cartoon characters.

Get the correct size

It is not only dangerous for your child to wear ill-fitting clothes, but also embarrassing for them and yourself. The last thing you want is your child running around holding up a dress that is a size too big or a size too small that they can barely breathe.

The trick to shopping for children’s clothing is to go with their size, not age. Your kid may be too small or big for his or her age.


Accessories add pomp and colour to an outfit and are a bold fashion statement. Depending on how they are done, they can make or break the point of doing them. The trick is in understanding what accessories fit into different outfits.

You should take care not use accessories that your child can swallow and choke on.

Keep it simple

Even if you are taking them to a serious event, your child will probably still play around. Dress them up in a way that is stylish, but they can still run around. If they have to wear a diamond necklace, take it off when you suspect they are about to start playing around. Considering that they might slip away from your watch, it is better not to make them wear it in the first place.

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