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Do Hats Really Escalate Hair Loss?

Oh! Why are you wearing a hat? Don’t you know it makes you go bald?

Indeed, many of you might have heard such a thing or came across such an opinion. Many dermatologists feel that since many bald people wear hats to hide their hair loss, many people tend to link wearing hats, ball caps, or others with baldness.

Research says that hair loss results from a combination of factors such as genetics, age, changes in hormone levels, medications, and medical conditions. In other words, there is not much science supporting the idea that hats escalate hair loss.

But since this myth has been around for years now, let’s try and explain what happens.

Is Wearing a Hat a Cause of Concern?

Honestly, wearing a hat won’t make you go bald. Like we said before, there is no scientific research that suggests anything like that. The most apparent reason for the most common form of hair loss is genes and hormonal triggers.

In other words, if you have any genetic sensitivity towards DHT (the most common male sex hormone), it might gradually result in hair loss by halting the process of new hair formation. Now that wearing a hat has no relation to changing DHT levels or sensitivity, it clearly has no role to play in your hair loss.

Having said that, let’s make one thing clear that there are a few other factors that result in gradual loss of hair. For instance, your hairstyling techniques, stress, medications, and so on might have some part in your hair loss.

Also, if you have a habit of wearing extremely tight hair, you might come across an issue called traction alopecia. In this, an individual loses hair continuously because of the constant tension of the hair.

What else?

Besides the tightness, if the materials used in a hat are not good enough, it might result in hair loss. If someone is already going bald, wearing such hats might speed up the process of hair loss. In that case, a hair tattoo might be a better alternative rather than opting for options that cause inflammation-induced shedding.

Otherwise, contrary to popular myths, good quality hats protect the individual’s scalp and face the harmful effects of UV rays. Is that all? Let’s talk a bit more about the consequences of wearing a hat in general.

While it protects your scalp and face from UV rays, wearing it often might not always be beneficial. For example, wearing a hat when exercising might result in sweat build-up, which could irritate your scalp. This could clog pores, thereby causing acne breakouts.

Final Words

No matter what anyone says, genetic and hormonal imbalances are the real culprit behind hair loss. But experts confirm that constant pulling of hair severely can create tension, causing hair follicles to break.

So, all you have to do is take care of necessary points and enjoy donning a hat once in a while. And if your genetics are playing a part in your hair loss, opt for options that won’t make you hat constantly. It’s as simple as that!

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