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Common Casino Myths and Superstitions

If you’re a regular casino gambler, you’ll know the power of Lady Luck. On some days, she’ll let you leave the table with a pocket full of winnings and a smile on your face. On others, she’ll let your bankroll keep on shrinking as you face loss after loss after loss. Though she’s always going to do as she pleases, many gamblers believe there are ways of tempting Lady Luck on side when you bet.

Check out some of the most common myths and superstitions amongst casino players according to the guys from bgo Online Casino. From wearing red when you chance the tables to entering the casino through the back door, it seems the superstitious all have their own ideas about how to tempt Lady Luck into letting you win. Though many of these ideas are completely illogical, there’s no harm in putting a few to the test the next time you place a bet.

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