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Best Tips for a Road Trip Across the USA

United States of America (USA, U.S., or the U.S.) is a North American country that consists of 50 states covering an area of 9.8 million square kilometers. The United States is rich in tourist attractions, there are 1000s of historical/cultural landmarks and 100s of USA Tour packages to take advantage of!

Millions of tourists travel every year to the USA, particularly for road trips across different states. According to the Government’s official reports, approximately 3.5 million tourists travel every year to take a road trip across the USA.

Although almost all of the states of the USA are rich in historical landmarks and tourist attractions, however, there are 29 states which are most visited by tourists during road trips.

The USA Government generates a handsome income in the form of revenue every year from road trips in different states. Some most popular states in the USA which are loved by the tourist during road trips include:

  • California Florida
  • Nevada 
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Hawaii
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia


If you are planning a road trip across the different popular states of the USA, you must have your ESTA USA.

ESTA is the American equivalent of eVisa (Electronic Visa), which is compulsory if you want to enter the USA. ESTA is the short form of “Electronic System for Travel Authorization.” 

Applyforesta.com is a perfect place to visit if you want to get your ESTA USA in a very short time (2-3 business days). 

You just need to fill an online application form with your necessary details like name, email address, passport number, etc.

After filling your online application form, you will pay your ESTA USA fee via the online payment method through your debit or credit card.

Once you submit your online application form after paying your ESTA USA fee, you will get your ESTA USA in your email inbox after 2-3 business days.

Note: You must have your ESTA USA if you want to enjoy a road trip across the USA.

How to save money on a road trip across the USA?

Once you get your ESTA USA, you can start packing for a road trip across the USA. We are giving you some handy tips to save money on a road trip across the USA.

  • PLAN: You can save money on a road trip by planning your route in your available budget. Do proper planning how much you spend on transport, fuel, accommodation, and food. This type of planning will surely save you money.
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Try to get cheap accommodation. You should use Couchsurf service in which you will stay for free with the locals.

Using this service, you can save a lot of money you are actually going to spend on accommodation. You can also use Airbnb, a service that allows you to stay in homes and apartments of locals.

  • COOK: You can save a lot of money by bringing food from home on a road trip. It will prevent you from buying high-priced foods. Moreover, try to keep your own water bottle with you to save the expenses of drinks.
  • USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Try to use public transportation as much as you can. It will save a lot of money for you. 
  • USE COUPONS: Try to get grocery discount cards for you. You can save a lot of money on groceries in the form of a discount. Get city tourism cards, which will save your money on visiting different tourist attractions.
  • FREE ATTRACTIONS: Try to locate free museums and events near you with the help of the internet.

What states should you visit on a road trip across the USA?

To develop your interest in travelling to the USA, we have enlisted some of the USA’s most popular states that you should visit on a road trip.

1. Utah

Utah is world-famous for its large saltwater lake. This large saltwater lake is located in the middle of this landlocked state of the USA.

This state is very popular on a road trip due to its geological oddity. Salt Lake City, which is the Capital city of Utah, has hosted the Olympics in 2001.

2. Colorado

The most famous thing about Colorado is the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Many people love Colorado due to this aspect.

Denver and Boulder are two major cities in Colorado that are famous as the world’s fun cities.

3. Minnesota

Minnesota is a perfect representation of the culture of the USA. This state is known as “South Canada” throughout the world because of its distinct Canadian culture. The United States’ politest cities are also located in Minnesota, which is Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

4. Alaska

“The Final Frontier” is the second name of Alaska due to the beautiful wilderness that separates the continental United States from Canada. You will get a wild and unique experience throughout Alaska.

5. New York

The state of New York is divided into two parts, New York City and the rest of New York. It is the most populous city on the earth with a unique culture.

Many important offices of the U.N. (United Nations) are present in New York City. You can see many historical landmarks here also.

Other states of the USA, which you must visit during a road trip, include:

  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts
  • Hawaii
  • Michigan
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Pennsylvania

Final words

Millions of people travel to the USA for road trips every year. There are almost 29 states of the USA which are famous throughout the world for road trips.

However, ESTA USA is compulsory to travel to the USA. You can get your ESTA USA in just 2-3 business days. We have given you some useful tips to save money on a road trip across the USA.

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