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Beautiful scenery and spectacular scenes New Zealand DreamWorks Tour

Fans who have watched “Lord of the Rings” will surely be shocked by the “Middle-earth” depicted in the film, with its magnificent scenery, spectacular scenes and full of fantasy. People can’t help but start to wonder, is there really such a place on earth? The film director Peter Jackson told fans, “Of course there is such a place, and that is my hometown, New Zealand.”

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Looking for a new “world” for The Hobbit

 With the huge influence of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, Peter Jackson decided to start filming the prequel “The Hobbit” of “Lord of the Rings” again in February this year. The new film has a budget of up to 661 million New Zealand dollars (approximately 3.3 billion yuan) and will be produced using the latest 3D technology. The film is divided into two parts, “Magic Journey” and “Go and Back”, which are expected to be released in 2012 and 2013 respectively. As the new film needs to be shot in nearly 30 different locations, the crew is still constantly looking for scenic spots, especially picturesque rivers. The confirmed filming locations include two iconic attractions in the South Island of New Zealand. They are the rugged Mackenzie area at the foot of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak, and the rugged rocks near Dunedin tourist attractions The dried up wilderness here will present an unprecedented “Middle-earth World” for the audience.

Wellington “King Kong” was born in “Wellywood”

 Peter Jackson’s hometown is Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Wellington has also been dubbed “Wellywood” due to the booming film and theater industry in New Zealand in recent years. Peter Jackson also set up his film production studio “House of Weta” here.

Starting from the movie “King Kong”, Jackson began filming and production in “Whelywood”. The “Skull Island” in the film is located in a large-scale set on Shelly Bay on the Miramar Peninsula, while the dinosaur running scene was shot on the surf beach of Leor Bay. The “Adventure” in the film sank in the Cook Strait. The dock scene was shot at Miramar Pier in Wellington, and the sea scene was shot at Kapiti Island, a bird reserve near the Kapiti Coast. of.

Auckland “The Chronicles of Narnia” White Witch Base Camp

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is known as the “Capital of Thousand Sails”. On average, every four people own a sailboat. In addition to sailing boats, Auckland and surrounding areas also often appear in blockbuster movies. Among them, Woodhill Forest, located in the northwest of Auckland, is one of the most desirable attractions for movie fans, because it is the base camp of the White Witch in the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”. About an hour’s drive from Auckland to the northwest, you came to Woodhill Forest, where the woods are lush, covering the sky, and the unique natural environment has just created the fearsome white witch base camp.

 In addition to “The Chronicles of Narnia”, Woodhill Forest also appeared in the movie “Yoga Bear” and the Disney movie “Bridge to Wonderland”. A short drive from Auckland, you can come to the rainforest of the Waitakere Mountains. This 16,000 hectares of pure natural forest and marine park is a popular hiking destination. The “Fantasy World” in “Bridge to Wonderland” was shot here.

In the fantasy Middle-earth New Zealand of “Lord of the Rings” on the North and South Islands, the most popular film and television tour route is the world-famous “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The fantasy “Middle-earth World”. Hobbiton is the apex of the “Ring Fan” route. It is located in a private farm near Matamata Town in the Waikato Region of the North Island. Of the 37 “Hobbit” caves, 17 are reserved for visitors to visit. Mount Nauruhiy became the “doomsday volcano” in the film, and the strange volcanic landscape of Tongariro National Park became the “Mordor” of the “Dark Lord” Sauron. Mount Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand, is the background in the opening scene of “The Two Towers”. It is the “Misty Mountains” in “Middle-earth”. The pivotal “Plainno Plain” battle in “The Return of the King” was filmed at an alpine sheep herding station near Twizel in the Mackenzie Basin. Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown is called “Los Lorian” in the film and is the domain of the hostess of the “Golden Grove”.

Adventurous tourists can also go kayaking on the fascinating Kawarau River, which flows from Lake Wakatipu to Cromwell in Central Otago. This is the “Aggonus” in the film, that is, the “pillar of kings”. In the film, the popular winter alpine ski resort, the Excellence Mountains, became the slopes of the “Dingriel Valley”, and Aragorn led the crowd to arrive here after escaping from the underground mines of “Moria”.

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