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Americas First Cannabis Restaurant Lowell Cafe is Looking to Serve Cannabis Users Such as Yourself!

Lowell Cafe is America’s first-ever cannabis restaurant and lounge located in West Hollywood that offers its guests a variety of cannabis smokes and many other edible cannabis products. Lowell Farms only offers high-quality, organic cannabis to guests at the restaurant to ensure everyone that they are consuming only the best cannabis strains. The benefits of visiting America’s first-ever cannabis restaurant are one in many as you can sit and enjoy a delicious meal while smoking one of Lowell Cafe’s pre-rolled cannabis smokes or indulge in a cold beverage while snacking on one of Lowell Farms greatest cannabis treats made for the pleasure of your taste buds.

The History of Cannabis

In 1996, California was the first state to vote for medical marijuana use to be legalized. After California, a number of states starting popping up across the United States to also put in their votes on legalizing marijuana for medical use. In recent years, states such as Maine, Colorado, Alaska, California, and Massachusetts have taken the first steps in legalizing marijuana for recreational use, allowing users to legally possess a specific amount of marijuana and use it for recreational purposes.

Vaping Products Online

Vaping cannabis provides users many great health benefits compared to smoking a regular pre-rolled cannabis smokes. Vaping allows users to get the purest form of TCH and CBD which is less harsh on your lungs when smoking it. At Lowell Cafe, guests are given the opportunity to try their very own vaping products online that are created at Lowell’s Farm where they only grow the purest organic plants. When vaping for the first time, it is important to remember that the doses of THC you are getting are higher in percentage as vaping oil is the purest form of cannabis. Smoke the healthiest vape on the market with Lowell.

The Benefits of Edibles

Edibles are not only a great way to get your daily dose of cannabis, but they are also very delicious to consume, especially at Lowell Cafe. As Lowell Cafe is America’s first-ever cannabis restaurant and lounge, they have truly taken their time and put in many efforts to make sure that their edibles are nothing but remarkable. The normal wait time for edible cannabis products to kick in is 30-45 minutes, which gives you time to enjoy the atmosphere at a cannabis restaurant for the first time. Keep in mind, edibles take time for you to feel the full effect so it is important to let the first treat settle in before deciding to try out something else on the menu.

From cannabis smokes to edibles, you cannot possibly go wrong with choosing to visit America’s first-ever cannabis restaurant, Lowell Cafe. Not only will you receive top of the line service, but you will also get the pleasure of tasting food created by the one and only Andrea Drummer. Lowell Cafe uses their very own cannabis products that are produced by Lowell Farms where you will find nothing less than the perfect tasting cannabis plants to help you with medical disorders or just to relax and enjoy cannabis for your own personal use. Remember, Lowell Cafe opens up this month in West Hollywood and ready to serve all cannabis users.

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