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A Short Guide to Cannabutter and Why You Need to Try It

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You can find many kinds of marijuana concentrates on the market – depending on their extraction method they change forms. However, these techniques have the same goal: to make a constituent that has a large amount of THC.

Budder is also known as cannabutter is one of these marijuana extracts and is recognized to retain most of the herb’s terpenes. Let us start by explaining:


What is Budder?

To put it simply, terpenes are mixtures that usually grow in special plants and originally give the aroma to marijuana. The level of terpenes guarantees that bud is among the tastiest forms of concentrate.

Named for its soft, golden consistency that looks just like butter. To prepare the bud, it is beaten thoroughly, which explains its creamy looking texture. Several marijuana users believe that it is an effective form of marijuana available out there. Making it the most desirable among marijuana users, let’s try to understand what is budder, in more detail, with our next section.

How Is Budder Prepared?

The process requires chemical solutions to “explode” the marijuana buds to extract cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Its next phase is to remove potentially toxic solvents within the extract by heating and air pressure. All that remains are the condensed aggregates of marijuana.

As mentioned above, changes in various production stages lead to varied consistencies and next varieties of the extract. The texture of the buds is produced when the extracted cannabinoids begin to form during the removal process. These cannabinoids are purified at a level of heat while churning as a batter.

By careful handling of temperatures during the extraction process and a bit of focused whipping, you can make delicious looking buds. All these qualities make cannabutter an ideal option to be used with marijuana consuming devices. Below we discuss the ways in which you can enjoy the tasty blend of a budder.

Use Budder with a Dab Rig

Dabbing is one of the most common techniques for using concentrates. The process involves vaporizing the bud on a hot surface and inhaling it. A dab rig is an articulate device that consists of several parts, and you can start by buying a small, affordable glass rig. This can create a perfect combination for those who are seasoned consumers of marijuana and want to try something new.

Can Also Be Used With a Vaporizer

This device heats the buds to where existing compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes, are converted into steam, which is inhaled. It works with the same rule as a dab rig, however, vaporizers can be extra portable and more manageable to use. In case you are looking for a vaporizer, be sure to buy one able of vaporizing flowers and concentrates.


In the end, it would be safe to say that a budder is a clever option for marijuana users, who want to try something unique and tasty. You can use it with marijuana consuming devices and you can also turn it into something edible and can taste it. Besides you get many health benefits with great taste.

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