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8 Essential Tips to Follow When Travelling the USA

People take to travelling every day when they want to follow their inner explorer and see more of the world, and one of the most popular destinations to date is the United States. Whether you live there or have never set foot on American soil, it is recommended by many travel experts that you spend time travelling through each state at least once in your life. This is due to the rich diversity of culture and landscapes that encompass the land, which means that going on a trip to another state can often feel like you’ve stepped into a whole new country. Before you go, there are some key tips you need to follow, which will help you make the most of your time away.

Bring the right travel documents

If you are visiting America from overseas, it is unlikely that you will be able to enter the country without the right travel documents. As with travelling to any country, your passport is something you should never forget to bring. Yet, you should also bear in mind Visa restrictions for the country you are travelling from, which entitle people to a certain amount of time you can stay for. Without this, you may find your trip is cut much shorter than you expected.

Take out travel insurance

America is a vast country with some amazing sights to see, but there are also many dangers you can encounter when you are there. Even if you are travelling from your home state to one next door, it is always a good idea to take out travel insurance, which will protect your pocket from any issues you may encounter along the way, such as accidents or hidden medical expenses. For example, many expect medical bills to be the same abroad as they do at home, but here, the cost of medical care is much higher than other places in the world, so you will need good travel insurance to cover it.

Explore the great outdoors

When you visit, it would be a trip well wasted if you won’t take the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most stunning natural areas. An abundance of national parks, rocky mountain ranges, and smooth sandy beaches are only a few parts of why America should be a destination on your list, purely to see its natural beauty. One of the best ways to do this is by going camping when you visit, which will take you deep into the wilderness to find your own way through the trees and see the true diversity of the landscape. For the best hiking routes, campgrounds, and natural areas, you can find some handy inspiration online.

Spend time in the city

It isn’t just sprawling natural settings that the United States is known for. In fact, the bustling cities of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago among others are enough to warrant a few trips. Even if you are not one for city life, you can find impressive architectural structures, some rich history, and an array of different people that you won’t find deep in the countryside. To make the most of such cities, travel from your home state on a weekend trip, or come on a city hopper tour if you are travelling from overseas. 

Make use of public transport

You will have seen countless movies that show road trips as being the best way to explore America, but car hire and petrol can often eat up much of your budget if you are hoping to travel without breaking the bank. What people forget is that you can explore the best parts of a city by going on a bus tour by using a hire company like Limo Find, or by living like a local on public transport to fully immerse yourself. Not only this, but you can save money on airfare and meet new people by travelling from one state to another using a bus service. However, with road accidents being common in the USA, it’s wise to learn more about trusted injury lawyers before you leave, should you require their assistance.

Be adventurous with food

The diversity that runs through America has been built on hundreds of years of history, which is made up of a dense multicultural network that comes from countries across the globe. With such culture comes a delightful array of food that you can’t find anywhere else. This ranges from Vietnamese Cajun food to Korean BBQ to flavourful vegan food, and you can find enough amazing food to fill your time doing a food tour of each major city. It is important to note that if you are not from America, you may not be used to the portion sizes, so it’s wise to bear that in mind before ordering.

Follow tipping expectations

It is likely you will be going out to eat during your time away, which means the time will come at the end of each meal to decide on a tip. If you are American, you will be aware of how hosts and hostesses rely on tips to make a living, as their general wages are quite low. This is why there is usually a suggested tip donation at the bottom of each receipt, which can be anywhere from 10-20% of your total bill. Though you may not be used to this, it is the best way to thank your hosts for their service, but you can also expect flawless customer service during your stay.

Go to a sports game

College sports matches are one of the things that define the USA, and they give out an irrevocable buzz when you attend one. Luckily, many colleges will allow you to go to a football or basketball match on their campus for a small fee, which means you can sit and take in the atmosphere that no other sports game quite matches. If you are not close to any colleges during your trip, then you can always go and see a professional game to get the same experience on an elevated level.

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