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7 Great Concentration Exercises

In today’s world, which is full of distractions, a large number of people have lost their ability to concentrate while doing important things. Perhaps, you are in the number, and it’s already affecting you. Here comes a piece of good news for you. Some exercises can help you regain your ability to concentrate. WritemyessayZ prepared this article for you:

1. Gradually Increase Your Focus Strength

Whatever your level of attention span is, you can work on it. However, you may become disappointed if you expect everything to work out within a day or two. It hardly works that way. The improvement is a gradual one. Let’s assume that you can concentrate on just a minute at the moment. It’s reasonable if you focus on increasing it to 10 minutes on your first day. You can keep on increasing the time by 5 minutes each day until you can concentrate for a long time. If you attempt to focus for hours on your first day, you may become disappointed and discouraged.

2. Create Distraction To-do List

At times, your mind still suggests things to you while you try to focus on something important. You’ll find ideas popping into your head. Sometimes, they are good things which you need to attend to. However, if you choose to keep attending to every thought that comes to your mind, you’ll keep distracting yourself from urgent things. To avoid this, make a list of thoughts that attempt to distract you and decide to attend to them later.

3. Build Your Willpower

Your willpower is the ability you have to control your mind and behaviour. Strong willpower can help you brush aside distractions. Work on building your willpower. It’ll help you.

4. Practice Meditation

On a daily basis, meditate for about 15 minutes or more. It’s a great practice that can help you master deliberate focusing. While you meditate, focus attention on your breathing. Once you notice that your mind is already wandering away from it, refocus on it again. After much practice, you will master the act. It’s going to help you learn to focus a lot.

5. Practice Mindfulness All Day Long

Mindfulness means focusing full attention on everything you feel, think, or do. When you are mindful of things that your mind generates throughout the day, it becomes easy to block off distracting thoughts. In addition to short minutes of daily meditation, all day mindfulness will help you to ignore distractions as they form in your head.

6. Exercise Your Body

Body exercise is an excellent way to benefit your mind. Most exercises lead to an increase in breathing and heartbeat rate. This makes more blood flow to the brain. More blood flow to the brain can trigger the formation of new neurons, which makes the brain perform better. Also, exercise promotes the release of neurotrophins, which are essential for the functioning of neurons.

7. Memorize Stuff

Memorization is a great brain exercise. Aside from helping you to store things in your long term memory, it increases your concentration and focus. That’s why you should try memorizing a couple of items each day. It will boost your ability to concentrate.


You need concentration to perform well in anything you do. If you have a problem with focus, the exercises above provide you with solutions. Practice them to gain concentrative ability.

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