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7 Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors

7 Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors

Today, many people lead a fast-paced life. Technology impacts a big part of life, for instance, house chores, work, commuting, taking care of kids, and connecting with people on social media. It leads to an increase in sedentary lives as people spend 90 percent of their time indoors.

However, the trend is harming your mental health, physical health, and your relationship with family and friends. Nevertheless, spending time outdoors is way more beneficial than you think. Here are 7 reasons you should consider spending more time outdoors than indoors.

1. More Vitamin D

Spending more time outdoors helps your body produce more vitamin D. The body requires Vitamin D for various functions; for example, it helps in the development of bones. It also strengthens the bones and allows them to fight diseases naturally.

Overall, it boosts the entire immune system. Moreover, Vitamin D is critical for chronic illnesses and acute infections like flu. Moreover, Vitamin D protects your skin from pigmentation and helps it preserve its natural complexion.

2. Prevent cancer

The preliminary research shows that spending time in nature doing outdoor activities excites the production of anti-cancer proteins. The level of this protein lasts for more than seven days every time it is activated by outdoor activity.

Research in Japan called “in Japan” says that bathing in the forest is a form of preventive measure. It shows that areas where people spend a lot of time in nature have a lower mortality rate.

3. Happy life

Outdoor life lowers the stress level, boosts your mood, and activates the feel-good hormone. It simply makes you happier and less moody. The research shows that your mood takes a positive turn each time you get outdoor.

You begin to see the positive side of life and things around you, including nature. If you make a habit of spending time outdoors, you have a higher chance of overcoming anxiety and depression, leading a happy life.

4. Sparks Creativity and Imagination

Spending more time outdoors activates your unstructured nature to begin functioning. Outdoor activities such as camping enhance your creativity and imagination because your mind is free, and you can think freely. The outdoor feel helps the mind to design extra activities hence stay more creative and inventive.

5. Better Sleep and More Energy

One key factor to leading a healthy life is a good night’s sleep. Everyone will get into a poor sleeping habit at some point in life, especially with an increased screen time that people tend to spend on social media.

This is because artificial light from the tv and phone disrupts the sleep pattern easily. The easiest way to control and fix poor sleeping patterns is by spending a lot of time outdoors. Get exposure to natural sunlight. It also helps boost energy to do things.

6. Improved Memory

Thinking clearly and straightforward is not easy when you are always in an enclosed area. The brain needs to be freed to think clearly. Therefore, you need to spend more time outdoors and ensure your mind is not confined.

Also, time spent outdoors triggers the ability to recall. You can recall things effortlessly. Each time you step out, your memory improves, and in the long term, you will have a sharp memory.

7. Natural Immunity

Spending time outdoors boost your immunity naturally. The research says that spending time outdoors helps to boost your world blood cells (WBC) by about 40%. The world blood cells (WBC) fights infections, enhances your immunity, and ensures you lead a healthy life.

An example of spending time outdoors is camping. Imagine spending time at Jimmie Davis state park camping. It is a beautiful adventure in New Orleans. The campsite located two miles from New Orleans in Metairie has over forty tent camping sites.

It has hiking trails, boat ramps, and even beaches. Also, there are benches where you can sit down and enjoy the sun. It will impact your natural immunity and help you lead a healthy life.

In conclusion, spending time outdoors is way more beneficial. Besides having a good time with friends and family, going outdoors will also boost your overall being. Therefore, stepping out should not be a subject to debate. The question should be how often? The answer should be as often as you can.

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