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5 Problems When You Ship Your Car to & from Mainland

Thousands of people move to Hawaii every year. The biggest problem many of them face is how they will ship their car to the other side of the world. 

But how much is it to ship a car to Hawaii? Many factors can add up to the costs. Apart from that, the whole process can be stressful. To help you prepare, here are 5 problems you can encounter. 

1. Last-minute car shipping bookings are not applicable

Sometimes it is unavoidable to schedule a shipment at the last minute. For example, suppose there was a death in the family and you are trying to tie up the property. Alternatively, your brother-in-law may have thrown his automobile in your hands because he is relocating and won’t be able to take it with him. There are a variety of reasons to arrange a cargo at the last minute, but doing so can pose problems, particularly if your delivery is time-sensitive.

Scheduling a transporter to collect your car could take anywhere between a day to a week. This period is referred to as a dispatch window, and it is a common occurrence in the auto transport sector. Almost every firm you speak with will inform you of the same thing. Finding a shipper for you will take time. If you have a tight deadline, this can be an issue because they may not be able to locate a transporter in time.

This was not the fault of the company; it is the nature of the industry. In reality, on the busiest routes, getting a transporter can be simple. However, scheduling your cargo last minute for less popular routes or deliveries to remote areas frequently results in you waiting longer than expected.

2. Your car can be misrepresented

One of the most frequent car shipping issues we encounter daily is car misrepresentation. Most of the time, the error is unintentional – for example, the client didn’t understand the pickup vehicle was a dually. Or that the automobile they’re shipping has a dead battery and they didn’t realize it. Misrepresentation is frequently the result of a miscommunication or a mistaken assumption rather than malicious intent.

However, that doesn’t imply that individuals aren’t attempting to deceive us. And this might be a significant issue because the next most crucial component in your cargo is usually the contents.

Auto-shipping companies have a limited amount of room. As a result, they must be cautious when constructing their cargoes. If a truck can accommodate 8 standard trucks, it can also accommodate 8 standard cars.

Customers are far more likely to claim that their car is completely functional when they know it isn’t. This is a widespread problem, and many individuals are unaware that it even exists.

3. You need to stick with their calendar

When it comes to avoiding frequent car shipping issues, availability is critical. It’s critical to make your automobile and yourself ready when you schedule your reservation.

What exactly does this imply? You should be aware of when the pick-up happens. 

It implies that you must be available for your car to be picked up or delivered on certain dates. The same is true for your vehicle. If you know your car won’t be available for a few days, don’t mention tomorrow as your first available date.

Availability is crucial since it allows us to acquire a transporter for you within a certain time frame. You and your car must be available at all times during that window. You must ensure that you can take time off work to see the transporter, or that you will not be otherwise busy.

Each provider will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a collection time and location. When your car is dispatched, they will phone you to let you know about it, as well as the approximate collection and delivery hours. Please be prepared to hand over the car to the transporter when they come after they schedule you for collection.

4. You should always be prepared

When transporting an automobile, you should ensure that it is ready to load at the appointed time. It may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked how often cars aren’t prepared and transporters must wait for it to be loaded onto their truck.

It’s not always a huge issue, but it can be inconvenient. There are a variety of reasons why the car might not be prepared. Things in the vehicle, not paying for the automobile, or misrepresenting the vehicle might all lead to the automobile not being ready to be picked up.

5. Delays in the process

You can expect cargo delays from time to time. There are many factors to this. Aside from mechanical issues, accidents, or extreme weather conditions, it has a cascading effect on all deliveries. It’s wise to assume that delivery will be late – they won’t always be, but don’t be alarmed if they do.

Final Words

If you’re wondering about what to expect when shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland , you should also look into the risks involved. The best way to go about it is to contact the team that will handle the shipping. Finding a reliable shipper is your best bet to avoid these problems. 

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