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Travel Safety Guide: Before, During And After The Trip

A vacation, road trip or weekend getaway can be a great stress reliever and escape from the weight of routines and obligations. However, unwelcome incidents may cause more stress if you’re caught off guard. Planning a safe trip starts before you leave and continues after you arrive home.

Firstly, make sure to check out the current TSA recommendations and Airline requirements before flying this year due to COVID-19. TSA recommends that all travelers are encouraged to wash their hands directly before and after completing the security screening process. Also, US airlines have begun requiring face coverings for customers and employees during check in, boarding, in flight and deplaning. While you are taking care of yourself and others from COVID-19, don’t forget to protect your home while you’re gone.

Aside from checking off everything on the packing list, it’s important to secure your home to ensure you don’t fall victim to burglary or trespassing. Crime rates increase by about 10% in June, July and August. During peak vacation months, thieves may target neighborhoods they predict will have the most vacancies. Take the precaution of letting friends and trusted neighbors know when you’ll be gone and not going overboard with social media posts.

It can be exciting to post online about vacation plans, exotic meals and beautiful scenery, but excessive sharing might give the wrong people too much information. Leaving a digital trail can make you more susceptible to scams and mishaps along the way. Locals are usually able to distinguish tourists, so don’t call too much attention to your group. Save the selfies for later and invest in a safe travel backpack.

When the trip is over, you’ll probably be tired from travel and, if you went abroad, likely experiencing jetlag. It helps to take an extra day between returning home and going back to work to make sure you’re ready to concentrate on personal and professional responsibilities. If the trip was overseas, don’t forget to convert foreign currency into the money you use at home.

Travel, both for leisure and business, is a billion-dollar industry. Unfortunately, from tourism to transportation, fraud has the potential to occur at many points of a trip. Preparing for a vacation can be an exciting time, but safety should be of the utmost importance. Protecting yourself and your home frees you to enjoy a getaway. Check out our infographic for more safety measures to take before, during and after a vacation.

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